Your words are sonic materialization of your holographic expression
If you say something negative know that you are creating a negative structure

What you say plasters geometry onto the quantum field
And expands into a holographic wormhole tunnel
Shifting you from one platform to another

Your reality is based on your vibrationary sound continuum
Intention is the frequency that overtakes your hologram

Careful of what you pray
You create waveforms of sonic vibrations

Repitition resonates as a vibrating continuum in the quantum structure
The way you express yourself is how you resonate

What looks and feels solid to you is actually cymatic sound vibration
Which creates the reality you experience

There is an agenda to keep you in a low vibrational sequence
To keep you trapped in your own illusion of reality
Correction happens when you shift to heart felt thoughts

If you separate from the heart you put yourself in an artificial matrix
And in a synthetic timeline of existence
A density where entities exist

Observe the negative without giving it an emotional response
Realize it is just a hologram and be thankful for the experience
That way you will neutralize the energy and you will pull yourself out of that reality

Create a new vibration with positive thoughts
And you will shift to a new timeline
What you project is what you shift into

Smile and hold the joy vibration
It will become a natural state and you will crystallize it into your reality

We are light and sound energy
And we become potent
When our thoughts create emotions from the heart!