Sophisticated artificial intelligence systems
Have been set up as energy harvesting devices

That transmit reversal currents
And set up metatronic codes
To modify our world

Making it more hospitable
To invading non human species

The organic pulse rhythm has been modified

Through artificial programming
Massive amounts of quantum energy
That was directed into this realm
And had constituted our underlying ley lines
Have been siphoned off

The conquered territory has been
Turned into a consciousness trap

Not only are false timelines injected
But false identities

Humans are unaware
That they are being negatively manipulated
Through these systems

Unaware that these embedded AI reversal networks
Capture negative human energy

And that this energy is being flooded into the grids

Our mission is to look beyond this game
Of deception illusion and propagated fear

And by the development of virtues
Showing kindness to all living creatures
We cultivate our inner spirit
Which will raise our vibration to a higher octave

Connecting us back to the Source
And into the gateways of Universal Intelligence!