When we clear out degenerative thought patterns
And replace them with highly refined frequencies
Of higher thought and higher emotional sensations

We alter and repair our own DNA
Accelerating consciousness and healing

These new arrangements of DNA
Will rearrange nucleotides and protein chains
And activate higher potentials of our DNA tones

But when we eat other species
Or eat genetically modified plants
It interferes with the ability of our DNA
To recognize human DNA signals

Thus blocking DNA communication and activation
Keeping them dormant

We have been manipulated
To manifest DNA distortion
In order to suppress perception

This is also the hidden purpose behind pharmaceutical companies
That are controlled at the very top by non human entities

Our DNA is composed of tiny sparks of crystalline frequencies
That are arranged in a matrix of electromagnetic light

It is the primary structure where
Consciousness translates into the manifestation of biological forms
Making the human body a holographic projection
Of living electromagnetic light and sound waves

DNA holds conscious memory
Integrating memory and instruction sets
Resulting in your life experiences

The human body is a living morphogenetic instruction set
Based upon a 12 strand DNA crystalline template
Designed for multidimensional expansion

DNA determines our units of consciousness
Which forms unique crystalline lattices
That flow into morphogenetic blueprints

That can flow between multiple dimensions
By connecting to the subharmonic frequencies
That make up each dimension

Thus DNA is a multi dimensional phenomenon

Our DNA has been unplugged
And needs to be reconnected!