We are in a mass consciousness dreamscape

Life is a movie according to
How we direct energy
How we release trauma
And how we practice human values

As higher frequencies begin to expand
The field of perception expands also

And an array of new thought patterns arise

DNA gets restructured
Which affects our cellular body
Promoting higher consciousness
And influencing life direction

Also when you focus on the now
While placing attention on future potentials
It puts the mind into a higher frequency band

But one must have a commitment to truth
Or else one will put themselves into lower frequencies

Each thought places an energetic imprint in the energy field
Which surrounds our consciousness

Controlling our own mental energies and thought patterns
Helps reduce negative energy
And redirects it into harmonizing patterns
Of self love and self acceptance

We can then transcend our limitations
And resolve our unhealed issues
That keep us tethered to lower frequencies

Elevating us above our obstacles
That block our highest expression and purpose!