The ancient cultures of
Lemuria Atlantis Egypt Tartaria and others
Were much more technologically advanced than we are

They used sound frequencies in
Architecture agriculture art music health and free energy
And consciousness expansion to other realms

The Great Pyramid in Giza was a
Giant harmonic frequency resonator
Sending out geometric patterns

It was also a consciousness transport device
For those embodied with higher operating DNA strands

Star forts extracted electromagnetic energy from the environment
Which was then circulated wirelessly through towers and obelisks
And stored in power structures
Usually painted red and white

Gothic cathedrals which were power stations
As well as other ancient structures
Were built with perfect symmetry
Of mathematical and geometric resonances

They were meant to display art and beauty
That hold geometric frequencies and cymatic principles
To uplift humanity

By amplifying natural sound wave resonances
And using the geometric patterns found in
The divine laws of nature
They elevated the atmospheric frequencies
For the well being of all living creatures

They were built using the cubit measurement
That is based upon the meridian or ley lines
Which were specifically chosen
For cathedrals to be built upon

The feedback loops in these grid lines
Were multiplied magnified and harmoniously circulated into the area

Because these structures were harmoniously attuned
To the earths natural field
They amplified higher consciousness and healing properties

Geodesic domes were placed upon towers
That had upon them various copper antennae
To harness natural energy waves

These domes incorporated natural acoustic vibrations
Converting transverse waves into longitudinal waves
For generating easy wireless transmission

Water towers were also utilized for attracting electricity
That came down from the ionospheric layers
Trapping it and generating free energy

The total obliteration of this knowledge was very recent!