Transharmonic Fields will cause our internal 12 strand DNA to come online
Activating our internal portal to stargate systems
Connecting us to our other stations of identity

As a result of shifting frequencies and configurations
Of this spiritual initiation process
We will have intense surreal experiences

Such as access into the inner earth
Which is a mixture of more advanced humans and reptilian civilizations

These humans live longer and appear younger
They also are taller and more symmetrical

Spiritual ascension development and the increase of ones fundamental light frequency
Is available to those who practice the Law of One
And the development of virtues
Comprehending that all life has intelligent energy

When we live in harmony with ourselves and others
We live in harmony with Universal Laws
That govern the structure of consciousness movement

All beings on earth are living light organisms
That manifest and express consciousness

This morphogenesis of frequency enables transit into 4D 5D and 6D consciousness streams
Which have never been exposed to AI or the Alien Net

Communication with departed loved ones who are now existing in other dimensions
In less dense bodies
Will become easier

As we live in harmony with natural laws
Gaining understanding through lifes lessons
We heal our spiritual expressions

As we open our sacred crystal heart
And expand to higher frequency contours
We connect to higher spiritual powers in the morphogenetic layers
Where the blueprints for life reside

Thus aligning ourselves with stations of identity in higher harmonic spectrums
Which leads your soul to the energetic gateways of the vast beyond

Unifying us with the God Source!