At the beginning of the previous age
Which was the time of creation
In the Book of Genesis
And also in other religious texts

After a period of darkness
The Axis Mundi or Tree of Life
And the sun star Saturn on top of the tree
Came back online

It was a reason for great celebration

Wassailers or singers in Germany and Nordic countries
Went singing to all their neighbors
Of the Yule Tide or Tidings of Comfort and Joy

They trolled the ancient Yule Tide carol
Letting heaven and angels sing
Repeating the sounding joy

They set up the Alter of the Yule which faced North

The festival of Saturnalia was a big celebration of gift giving
With costumed singers and dancers called Mummers
Dressed up in white green and red

The Wassailers and Mummers are the origins for Christmas caroling

They celebrated the birth of the unconquered sun
Dies Natalis Invicti Solis

The 9 candles of the Menorah were originally 7 in number
Which commemorated the creation of the 7 rings of Saturn
Which were later changed to 7 days

The middle candle is called the Shamash
Which is a well known name for Saturn

The rebirth of Mars came a little later
But was moved to December 25 to coincide with the Birth of Saturn

The birth of the baby Jesus is the birth of Mars
The father of Jesus or Je Zeus is Joseph or Jo Seb
Seb was Saturn and the husband of the star goddess Nut who was Venus
Who was also Mary
And Zeus originally was Mars

The birth of Mars was inside the celestial pillars
Which resembled a cave or manger
That is why caves are considered holy in such places as India

The 3 wise men who came to see the Newborn King
Were the original Orion Belt
They were 3 bright moons in the rings of Saturn

All the original configurations which are now lost
Have been reformulated to stars in the firmament
That is why their reassignment to constellations
Appear so non sensical

The Eucharist or Last Supper is the same as
Isis trying to reassemble the body parts or essence of Osiris
The essence is plasma discharges that drifted from Mars
To the celestial orbs which were the apostles

Isis who is Venus then tries to attach a penis
The penis is the Universal Axis

Saturn is now being used as a harvesting station for souls that have been sacrificed
Through rituals wars or any method that involves the spilling of blood

The Black Cube at Saturns South Pole
Is being bombarded with reversal violet plasma waves
These reversals are designed to feed our negative shadow selves

This is why Saturn is the main focus in blood worshipping cults

The Black Cube is the attraction at Mecca
And black cubes are being put in city centers all over the world

The Black Cube Matrix architecture of Saturn
Is undergoing dismantling

As we remember who we are
And where we came from
We can shed our false histories
And know the highest truth!