We are in a reptilian hierarchal belief system
Based on money
And are commodity for a debt riddled government

The CIA is an illegal subsidiary
And is involved in a mind war against us

People victimize others
Because they do not want to be victimized

They play out their programmed predator mind
To avoid humiliation
This plays out in every level of society

The hybridized elite are obsessed with control over others
And practice intimidation to incite fears
They try to keep us divided
To more easily conquer us

When we pass on
Alien entities tell us not to go to the light
Deceiving us like a bug trap
To keep up the reincarnation cycle

The evil meat dairy and egg industries
Who profit off of the suffering and murder of innocent and vulnerable animals

Tell us healthy food is bad
Such as soy whose phytoestrogen isoflavones
Which are only vaguely similar to estrogen and testosterone
Will flood your body with estrogen
But the opposite is true

These isoflavones act as estrogen inhibitors

It is the raging hormones in the milk a pregnant cow
That raises estrogen levels

Cows milk is for cows
Human milk is for humans
When we are weaned we do not need the high fat and protein content anymore
And it is very unhealthy to drink the milk of other species

Soy which is a legume is a very nutritious plant food
It has 8 essential amino acids

We have adopted misaligned beliefs
Resulting in misaligned identities
In faulty timelines

Increase your awareness
Express your higher self

Be authentic honest and sincere
Have fun and laugh
Find a reason to be happy

When we are in a high vibration
Negativity cannot gain a foothold

Imagination is the key to everything
Put your energy there

This is the pathway to illuminate the Divine Within!