The plans for Lahaina is to be a smart city
Where nano computers called smart dust are used as micro communicators

They will be a vast invisible network of wireless sensors
That will control all the infrastructure of the city

Wherever you go you will be recognized
And doors will be opened for you
If you are not recognized you will have no access

Your computer TV cell phone and kitchen appliances will all recognize you
If you put out the thought your kitchen faucet will turn on
But your ability to travel around will be based on your status and rewards

You brain signals will be instantly picked up by self connecting nanobots with feelers
Thoughts are electrical currents and nanobots will be the thought police

You will be connected to the central computer
And you will be prompted what to think without your realization

This is already taking place to a lesser degree
As the metallic palladium and aluminum micro tubulars arrays in chemtrails
Bind to the hystidine residue of your amino acids in peptides

Nano particles take out the copper which is needed for nervous system repair

Science is based on engineered constructs
It is an agenda driven phenomenology
It is the same pattern over and over in different arenas

If you cannot hold the energy of being wrong you will fight truth
And put yourself in a bigger delusion

As men are being disabled in their protective role
The result is a vulnerable population

Men need to be the king at the castle
Not engaging in egalitarian dynamics with women
Not trying to feel their feelings

Masculinity under siege is part of a multi layered psyop
Which renders men deeply confused on how to be a man

It also makes women have to pretend that they do not want or need
That which they do want and need

They want to submit to and serve a powerful man
Who is connected to his heart
Who has integrity and the ability to make decisions

Women want a man who will liberate them
To be who they are designed to be!