Suffering and misery is not supposed to be part of our existence
And animals are not here to be eaten

The dystopian perspective is that this world is a recycle bin for all sorts of emotional distress
That it is a big farm run by those who seek a chemically induced high

When women nurture with heart energy
And when men protect with sacred dominance
God comes through that portal

The neutralization of male female polarity is underway
The evil genius behind it has rendered both sexes confused

Its goal is to prevent the free energy transfer
That occurs during the erotic male female dyad

Women are designed for connection creative expression and nurturance
The feminine should be unbridled and unrestrained

Men are designed to take care of women
But the assault on Eros triangulates both of them against their own life force

Is some reptilian race pulling the strings
Or is it just some really bad people
Who exactly is behind the deception

Most believe this socially engineered phenomenon just organically emerges from the population
Chemicals in food and water affect our hormonal balance

Narcissism reveals victim mentality
It usually plays out as good guy helping a needy girl

Girls will never feel safe with needy guys and will have nothing to do with them

When empaths give they end up having to reenergize themselves
They are unaware that they are in a game of if you appreciate me
I will secure some sort of attachment to you
And you will feel like a good person

Empaths are unaware that they are being used in a hyper utilitarian fashion
For the other persons stimulation and internal relief

The dynamics of a healthy relationship is to help each gender grow
Into their own personal responsibility and self awareness

If you are trying to secure love from places where none exists
Or from a very limited place that runs out often

Then you are looking for love in all the wrong places
And in too many faces

Be a sovereign adult!