There is an upcoming planned EMP or electromagnetic pulse
And an ensuing 3 days of occultation or dark storm
Many will think it was a solar flare

Scalar wave technology will be used to create earthquakes and floods

Weaponized cell phone towers will be turned on
Causing vaccine injected and chem trailed viruses to grow rapidly

Media propaganda will say that the symptoms are the unvaxxed killing off the vaxxed
There is already an Application you can download on your cell phone
That will tell you who has and who has not taken the shot

The manipulation will lead to civil war like conditions

During the chaos there will be a fake cyber attack
That will be blamed on the Russians or Chinese or even North Korea
It will be used to bring in the AI controlled Central Bank digital currency

AI will give you a digital allowance of carbon credits
That will later be linked to your life span
If you use them up you will be turned off

The Secret Societies and their Illuminati masters
Will be busy with their candle lit unicursal hexagrams
Doing sigil dances of the Baphomet

While sacrificing kids and extracting their soul energy
That is released during torment
Which feeds their manipulation of reality

They will be wearing masks standing 6 feet apart
In a circle around the hexagram called the Seal of Solomon
Overlooked by the All Seeing Eye and the Leviathan Cross

Practicing their Black Magic rituals
And extolling the mass sacrifice
That the masses are unwittingly participating in

Albert Pike was a high ranking Freemason and Illuminati member
He has a statue where he is buried which is right across from the White House

He founded the KKK
His prophesy of 3 world wars
Was just a reiteration of the intended plans of the occult
Which is now coming to fruition

But can be thwarted if we raise our vibration!