Women can easily get men in bed
But find it harder to get them back into bed

The female professional clad in a white coat
Also wishes she can be an alluring scantily clad girl on Instagram

If a male has not matured his inner masculine
Then rejection by a female will be existentially destabilizing to him

Garnering respect should be the apex of priorities
When a male is OK with anything a female does
That is being submissive and women will look down on them

In todays hook up culture where women brag about body count
They all go after the alpha male

A lot of men get left out and give up on the pursuit
But failure is part of the masculine principle
Uninitiated men need to learn how to look at failure with curiosity

When men sprinkle in pornography and watch other men having sex
Instead of having their own sex with real women
They are creating conditions for the breakdown of their sexual drive

Through other people you have you have obsessive interactions with yourself
If your partner has a much different resonance you are courting disaster
And are pursuing the erotic caress of a harmful influence

Arrested development prevents men from being masculine
Women love bad guys because they are confident and bold
And do not care about rejection

Women find surrogate levels of safety with other women
And bad talk about men to each other

When a women walks down the street all sexually juiced up it is celebrated
But it is not allowed for a man to show at the wrong time an increase in size of their sexual organ

When women try to micromanage men and criticize them even if they know better
They extinguish male reflexive behavior and reduce their masculinity

Women do not respect men who are always agreeing with them

To be constantly engaging in emotional ecstasy
All it takes is 2 human bodies present to each other
Who have commonality despite being in polarized lanes!