The dramatic music of the original Star Trek that is played when Captain Kirk is engaged in mortal combat with someone on another planet would fit well here.
So what do you know about cell phone towers? They’re supposed to be just for cell phones right?
Your typical cell phone has enough power to reach a cell phone tower 45 miles away. But now each city has cell phone towers only a few miles apart. Why is that?
Plants do not grow beneath them because your average tower is continually emitting about 10,000 watts of microwave energy.
A lot of them are being disguised as trees, or as steeples at churches or as flag poles at schools.
Many massive cables run up the mast to the antennas. They are obviously transmission lines of some sort. And they are made of thick copper. The workers themselves have said that each cable line is capable of transmitting over 300,000 watts of microwave energy. That’s 300 kilowatts of power.
So these towers have the capability of emitting millions of watts of power of into the surrounding area!
To put that in perspective a microwave oven uses 4000 watts. Municipal towers use 2400 watts.
There are different kinds of these towers with different kinds of antenna transmitting and receiving. Some antenna are omni directional which means they are capable of transmitting in all directions. Some are sector directional which means they emit beams point to point like a flashlight.
A magnetron or oscillator in the cabin stores the energy.
With all this power could the cell phone towers be used for other purposes?
Such as eavesdropping on cell phone calls and spying on text messages.
Surveillance is becoming a greater and greater part of our everyday life.
Street lights now have spy cameras installed in them which will not only video you but will record your conversation.
Hidden microchips in computers, televisions and electronic appliances make it possible to listen in to what is being said in the privacy of one’s home.
Could mind control also be an objective?
Mind Control techniques have been actively pursued since the 1950’s when a secret operation called MK Ultra forced unwilling participants to engage in things like strong drugs, intense noise or loud music with hidden suggestions and repetitive commands mixed in.
Since that time they have found that targeted frequencies work a lot better since consciousness is the result of frequency patterns in our brains. Ideas, desires, beliefs, and even false memories can actually be transplanted in one’s mind with directed beams of microwave energy. This is called Voice Skull technology.
When a multi frequency of microwaves are transmitted into one’s auditory cortex, psychotronic manipulation will occur altering emotional states and thus behavior. Encoded messages can be transferred in this way and thoughts in your head will not be your own.
Could another objective be population control? Just ask Bill Gates if this is not a priority subject. Or read the Georgia Guidestones which says human population must be greatly reduced.
You could call these structures weaponized cell phone towers.
The idea has been around quite awhile. Nikola Tesla developed the technology of shooting microwaves to specific targets over 100 years ago at Wardenclyffe, New Jersey. His inventions have now been turned into what is called HAARP. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. From an array of antenna broad beams of power get converged into a narrow laser which bounces off the ionospheric dome and can be directed anywhere with great accuracy. Earthquakes and tsunamis can be created by HAARP. Also the strength of hurricanes can be increased.
And now the capability to shoot lasers out of high speed military aircraft has been achieved.
The real purpose of NASA was to develop weaponized satellite systems. Sending men to the moon was just an elaborate cover story.
In this master deception plan, chemtrails play an important part. You know those lines in the sky that go on and on and last a long time. They are not condensation from an engine because water in the atmosphere will evaporate within seconds.
Most jets today have turbine engines where the exhaust is shot back into the turbine blades. What is pouring out from the airplanes and causing a trail is not from a thrust output but from nozzles fitted on the exterior of the aircraft.
What is coming out of the nozzles are tiny nano sized particulates of metal along with a noxious concoction of chemical mixtures. The heavy metals which have been found and documented many times streaming down in chemtrails are aluminum, barium, arsenic, lead, mercury, uranium, strontium, nickel and others which are less common.
We breathe in these metallic elements and ingest them from food and water.
What happens to the metallic elements when they are heated by cell tower microwaves?
If metals are put in a microwave oven the microwaves created by the magnetron in the oven will react with the metal and cause the oven to explode! Cell phone towers and microwave ovens both have magnetrons or oscillators and cause heating by the rapid shifting of molecules.
Are you beginning to see the connection?
Basically cell phone towers are huge microwave ovens on a stick!
We are in the confines of these huge microwave ovens and have metallic particles inside of us thanks to chemtrails.
If the juice in the towers is turned up enough it would be instant population control.
As the Wicked Witch of the West said these matters must be handled delicately.
In the Star Trek episode of Return of the Archons, the Enterprise is at this planet called Beta 3 in search of the lost Star Ship Archon. The landing party beamed down and they found the citizens of the city under a mind control system. The residents of Beta 3 have as their ultimate concern doing the will of Landru. Landru was a person who built a sophisticated computer which can make people submit and behave a certain way.
A festival called the Red Hour has been pre-programmed into the people’s mind to occur at designated times for an outlet of emotional release.
Everyone shouts ‘Festival! Festival!’ and runs around in wild ecstatic behavior.
The rest of the time everyone is very calm and extremely nice except if someone is spotted who is not of the body.
They are then reported to Landru and will get absorbed into the body by electromagnetic waves from the computer changing their brain wave pattern. After this is done they become obedient citizens doing the will of Landru.
Is this the long range take over plan? Where commands are used on unsuspecting humans by electrical wave frequencies utilizing Silent Sound technology. Where resistance is futile.
In the middle of some night are they going to unleash it and say it was an alien UFO invasion? They have been conditioning everyone in a belief of UFO’s since the early 90’s. The real purpose of the hit series Ancient Aliens was to get everyone to believe in UFO’s and aliens.
Was the purpose of the TV show Life After People to prep the mind to handle the trauma of an apocalyptic world?
Are we being outplayed?
Are ‘FEMA Camps’ for remaining survivors?
Will predator drones and robotic cops eventually be able to hunt down people who resist?
Has something like this ever happened before?
The pyramids were once a vast network of transformer stations providing free energy to the world.
Their technology was sabotaged and unleashed upon the world.
In the next post apocalyptic world the remaining population will be under mind control and surveillance.
With an occasional Red Hour.