Dreams deserve a Rod Serling like intro. So conjure up the music from his 60’s TV show and journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Where you unlock the door into an unknown 5th dimension as vast as space and as timeless as eternity. You travel to the middle ground between substance and shadow. Your journey encapsulates the depths of one’s fears and goes beyond the heights of one’s knowledge. As you enter into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep you see a signpost up ahead saying next stop The Twilight Zone!
We are an intricate creation. Sensitive to many influences and capable of more than we presently suspect. What occupies our mind during the day occupies our mind at night with the attachment of forces superseding our own consciousness.
Your first set of dreams in the night is usually your mind dealing with emotional issues. As these are worked out you are free to drift down to a deeper level in your subconscious which is attuned to frequencies associated with higher planes of existence.
Some dreams will link you to the energy permeating the electrical spectrum surrounding our world. Contact at this higher level is meant to quicken one’s potential.
But the possibilities are endless. Our reality is an electrical plasma cell. Everything is connected by electrical currents.
Dreams will not only allow you to expand outwardly but will get you more in contact with your inner self.
They will intuit into the conscious mind experiences you have left behind in former voyages.
These dreams are usually instigated by experiences in the present life which harken back to attitudes and opinions derived from events in previous appearances.
If you are another person in your dream wearing clothes from a different time period and the setting is somewhere other than you have been in this life it is a past life revelation.
Most dreams are symbolic imagery.
Correct interpretation is a skill acquired by making the connection of your emotional response that is elicited with what is being portrayed in the dream.
The subconscious mind uses symbols in the conscious mind to bring awareness to your consciousness.
A black spider represents something bad which may occur and should be taken as a warning.
Making a half court shot tells you something good will happen despite the odds.
Dreams can show you what direction events will play out and thus be indicators of future events.
This can be very helpful in many important decisions.
Including financial decisions such as advice in the stock market.
Lost items or treasures can also come up in dreams.
Health issues will be dreamt about.
A healthy mind-body connection is important in assessing this electrical informational superhighway in dreams.
Your pineal gland is a toning device enabling you to connect telepathically to other frequencies. It is like a radio antennae.
It will become calcified from sodium fluoride, preservatives and processed junk food.
Eating animals and incorporating high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats in your body will also affect circulation and make your pineal gland less effective.
Besides the physical, your mental state has a lot to do with the quality of your dreams. If you have a lot of negativity in your mind such as excessive worry, fear or hate it will produce stress and tension restricting your vibration.
We are an intricate coordination of mind, body and spirit. Each cell in our body has it’s own consciousness and the workings of each organ and every gland has it’s own rhythmic pattern.
Chakras are the spiritual centers of the body. They are interworking systems where vortices of energy are located.
Because we are spiritual beings out of body experiences occur in the dream state.
Many dreams are a mixture of symbolism and actual encounters.
Maybe you know someone who has had a lucid dream such as a near death experience.
They followed a bright light and was told their time has not yet come.
Or someone who dreamed they had to struggle to keep from drifting into another electrical frequency.
Dreams of dying usually represent a character trait which has ended or changed.
Visitations from souls who have recently died and have not yet left the Earth realm is a frequent occurrence in dreams.
Encounters with beings of higher vibration in dreams can occur and is meant to heighten awareness.
Beloved pets will come in a dream to say goodbye (in their own way) at the time of their passing.
Visitations from departed relatives will relay some important information.
Dreams in an educational setting refer to a lesson you need to be taught.
Dreams of your childhood home usually refers to issues about your own body or mind.
Sometimes in dreams you can even tune into what someone has said about you.
When you dream about being naked it means exposing your inner self.
Sometimes dreams are just possibilities.
Sometimes they are not meaningful and are brought on by certain chemicals acting on the nervous system.
Many dreams though which seem nonsensical have a point to make.
Dreams of monsters are symbolic of your own emotional state.
A dream of a snake could be a warning of impending doom. depending on the demeanor of the snake.
A dream of you crossing a river by walking on a snake means a transition.
Dreaming of a childhood friend is your subconscious pointing out to you a characteristic in yourself that is a dominate personality trait of your friend.
Most dreams of animals will symbolize an emotional aspect of yourself.
Dreams of water usually symbolize the life force and is usually a positive sign of soul growth.
Dreams of a cut down tree would symbolize your own path in life being halted.
Whereas a dream of opening a door into bright light is a dream of awakening and discovery.
A dream of you in your car is symbolic of your path through life.
It is significant if you are driving or in the passenger seat or in the back seat.
Even minor details in dreams can have important meanings.
Numerology in dreams can be esoteric or have a straightforward interpretation.
Beautifully performed music can appear in dreams which means you are connecting to higher realms.
The first thing you should do when you wake up is try and remember your dreams.
Dreams are fleeting and will disappear from the conscious mind very quickly.
If your not sure about the events in the dream your first impressions are usually correct.
Listening to your dreams will inspire you to do greater achievements.
Working with them builds your connection to higher levels of consciousness.
Many dreams are for creative purposes and when you are more creative you build your soul.
Our bodies are electrical transmitting devices operating on different levels of consciousness.
Like the stars we are receivers and transmitters in the much greater web of life able to link to vast distances.
A dream can seem so real and if you are enjoying the dream you want it to continue.
Maybe this life is what you are dreaming of at some other level of consciousness.
And we are at the boundary between imagination and reality.