The Coriolis Effect is where water is supposed to circulate
In a certain direction according to the hemisphere it is located

It is an outlandish notion that the water in sinks and toilets
Spin counterclockwise in the north and clockwise in the south

It is taught in universities as a fact that proves the globular earth
But it all depends on the direction of water entry and the shape of the bowl

Scam artists in equatorial countries will trick unsuspecting tourists
By pouring water in a sink in one direction
Then walk a few meters and cross the imaginary geographical equator
And pour water in the opposite direction and get a contrary flow

The equator is the middle point of the small local sun in its yearly migration
It is not the center of the terrestrial earth

The rays of the sun do not fall perfectly parallel
As is taught in heliocentric pseudoscience
But they are crepuscular and fan out like a spotlight

Pendulums only prove how easy it is to deceive the malleable masses
The behavior of the pendulum depends on the initial force and direction of the swing
And are not the result of the fictitious spin of the earth

The pendulums in museums are electrically powered and fully adjustable
It is almost incomprehensible what is passed off as scientific

Water is incapable of curvature or any kind of height differential

There is no circumnavigation of a supposed globe
Where one sets off in a perfect line
And magically arrives back at the starting point

One can only navigate inside the parameter of the circular Antarctic ice barrier
Which surrounds us

Teachings in our educational system that promote an earth globe
Only indoctrinates the believer

Lies bend and warp the mind into accepting other outlandish thought patterns

South is every direction going outward from the north pole

If we lived on a globe
Many flight patterns would be quicker flying over the south pole

This is never done because it would lead out into the vast outer earth plane
But we are given the excuse that the pole region is too cold to fly over

If we lived on a globe
Pilots would have to constantly correct their altitude downward
In order to not fly off into outer space

But once cruising altitude is reached
All commercial planes remain level for the entire duration of their flight
Except for the downward descent to their destination

It is easier to fool people
Than to convince them they have been fooled!