The collapse of the Tower of Babel
Which is the Universal Axis or Tree of Life
Was accomplished through the manipulation of the electromagnetic field

It scrambled our DNA patterns
Which removed our natural language
And took away the ability to intimately communicate to our animal friends

Humans and animals succumbed to genetic digression
As well as insects and many species of plants

This inflamed increasingly violent behavior
And the predator prey struggle

Misery and disease became widespread

The predator prey behavior of consuming the flesh of other species
Was inverted into the food chain

The system of introduced cannibalism further mutated genetics
Allowing easier control and possession of humans
By the invading parasitic reptilian species

The Archon engineered parasitism of the world
Has mind controlled the public into accepting and normalizing
The inverted system of the death culture that has been dominant

A predatorial society rewards its predators
Virtues are thought of as weak and to be preyed upon

Unrestrained predatorial parasitism results in harming the environment
As well as earth inhabitants

One must ask themselves
Who benefits in this death culture
But most people are unwilling to address their darkest fears about our existence

The emotional energy of animals who experience intense levels of fear and pain
At the slaughterhouse
Is extracted and siphoned off

Slaughterhouses and battlefields are places where swarms of entities go to feed

The intensity of the kill maximizes the energetic chain reaction of both predator and prey
Releasing more intensely heightened energy for reptilian consumption

The more suffering the bigger the harvest of negative emotional energy

As more living creatures and humans suffer and die
The more energy that is harvested by reptilian forces

If it is acceptable to eat flesh
Then it is acceptable for the invading reptilian species
To cannibalize the human population

This anti life reversal will not end
Until humans decide to stop the blood sacrifice
Of all living creatures on earth!