On Oct. 8 1871  fires erupted in Chicago not only at Mrs. OLeary’s barn but at the same time at St. Pauls Church and at the Batehams Planing Mill in different sections of the city.  In Peshtigo, Wisconsin the fire was much larger and many more people died (about 1200).  Other smaller towns such as Meckaune, Holland and Williamsonville  were totally obliterated. And farmers on the other side of Lake Michigan fled the inferno where over 2 million acres burned. Fires broke out in 3 states -Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan simultaneously.

Eyewitnesses in Peshtigo describe a “biblical” rain of fire and sand. Out of the darkness (it was past 9:00 pm) the heavens illuminated with a terrible glare and clouds of flame descended from above.  A tornado with a deafening roar approached. “Great balls of fire” came down from the sky at unbelievable speeds (ball lightning) incinerating anything they touched including a family of 6 who had rushed away from the fire to an open field for safety. Other people died without a trace of burnt clothing or scorched skin – having only the copper coins in their pockets joined together as if welded together by extreme heat.

Buildings burned from the interior outward. The iron, glass, and granite in structures were fused while stone and brick buildings melted in minutes. Other edifices which seemed untouched had blue, red and green lights glowing at their cornices. (St. Elmo’s Fire) – caused by excitation of metallic ions.

In 1846 Comet Biela was predicted to arrive to a month before where the Earth would be. As it was being carefully watched it was seen to split into two. Then the separate cometary bodies developed a bridge or jet between them. Each one had their own tail and it was even noticed that the bigger one formed 2 tails. Tails on comets are charged particles reacting to the presence of solar protons. By 1872 it was apparent only one body remained. And on November 27,1877 a yearly meteor shower known as the Andromedids officially commenced. WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS ONE OF THE COMETARY BODIES EXPLODED AND IN 1871 THE EARTH PASSED THROUGH THE LEFTOVER DEBRIS CAUSING THE SIMULTANEOUS FIRES AND ELECRICAL  PHENOMENA.

Comets will have a different charge as they pass through the sun’s electromagnetic field and thus will react electrically to another charged body such as the Earth.

The great Tunguska event in 1908 was also caused from the aftermath of the explosion of one of the 2 bodies of Comet Biela when a huge bollide entered the Earth’s atmosphere above Siberia.