On Oct. 8 1871 fires erupted in Chicago not only at Mrs. O’Leary’s barn but simultaneously at St. Pauls Church and Batehams Planing Mill in different sections of the city. 
In Peshtigo, Wisconsin the fire was enormous and killed about 1200 people. Other smaller towns such as Meckaune, Holland and Williamsonville were totally obliterated. Farmers on the east side of Lake Michigan frantically fled the inferno where over 2 million acres burned. Fires broke out in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
Eyewitnesses in Peshtigo describe a “biblical” rain of fire and sand. It was past 9PM and out of the darkness the heavens illuminated with a terrible glare and clouds of flame descended from above.  A tornado with a deafening roar approached. Great balls of fire called ball lightning came down from the sky at unbelievable speeds incinerating anything they touched.
A family of 6 rushed away from the fire to an open field for safety but were incinerated. The copper coins in their pockets were found joined together welded by extreme heat. Other people died without hardly a trace of burnt clothing or scorched skin.
Buildings burned from the interior outward. The iron, glass, and granite in structures were fused while stone and brick buildings melted in minutes. Other edifices which seemed untouched had blue, red and green lights glowing at their cornices. This excitation of metallic ions is called St. Elmo’s Fire.
This was not a natural event. It was not caused by a cow kicking over a lantern. It was not caused by an appearance of a comet. It was an intentional unleashing of energy by devices that had been in existence for hundreds of years. Starting with the Arc of the Covenant which was stolen out of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and used by the Hebrews to conquer the Giants and other more benevolent races.
The Arc of the Covenant is a high energy capacitor which uses a pair of electrical conductors. The cherubim on the arc are the conductors. Their wings are arched towards each other but do not touch. These cherubim conductors are separated with insulators which is the gold plating covering the Arc. Thus it was able to store electric charge. The electric charge is generated from the voltage gradient between the Earth and the atmosphere.
It is a complex Leyden Jar.
The Old Testament describes how Uzzah and many others were electrocuted by this device. Zapped by God.
Chicago was pulverized. This was not only a culling of the gentiles but a wiping out of the elaborate buildings of the previous Tartarian empire.
This is the same type of thing that has recently happened in California. In the north Santa Rosa saw specific areas targeted and Paradise was totally obliterated. In the south cities such as Bel-air, Thousand Oaks and Malibu have had a major portion of their stately homes incinerated. The technology is modern but the idea is the same. Using high energy weapons in a surprise night attack to wipe out communities.
As in the Chicago fire of 1871 these fires are being attributed to natural events. And this is how it will be written in history books with later generations having no clue about the real cause.
Directed energy weapons. Coming to a town near you.