Doctors and dentists are trained in a college curriculum and in medical journals that are run by Big Pharma and other corporations. They are motivated by money and an assurance of success and respect while living a life of luxury. So THAT IS THEIR FOCUS!

Many of their remedies involve toxic chemicals concocted in some lab then presented as a cure. Our bodies are not meant to have synthetic substances. Nutrition should be the number 1 concern but doctors now are not even trained in it. An alkaline diet consisting of 70% vegetables and fruits will prevent viruses from living in your body. But you will never hear that from a doctor. Instead he is rewarded with free trips and other incentives when he or she  prescribes pharmaceutical drugs.

Dentists tell you big lies such as fluoride will cure cavities. Flouride is a component of phosphate rock.  By adding sulfuric acid they separate the fluoride and the phosphate creating toxic fluoride compounds. These flouridic combinations used to be released into the air but that killed neighboring animals and vegetation. So now they are repackaged and sold to cities to dump in the water supply. They are also put in toothpaste and used by dentists to “clean teeth”. The phosphate is further refined to produce phosphoric acid (which is comparable to battery acid) and is used in soft drinks.

Other dental practices:

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth. Yet it is 50% of amalgam fillings.

Root Canals are promised by dentists to be better than your natural teeth. They try to sterilize a roots’ canal by spraying formaldehyde in it which is highly poisonous. And without the tooths’ root supplying blood to the area keeping out bacteria is impossible. An infestation will occur and bacteria will spread to other parts of the body causing infections and cancer.

They drill out good healthy parts of your teeth to put fillings on.

They drill our neighboring teeth to put a bridge on.

They give you X-rays which are damaging to soft tissue

They scrape off your precious enamel and think nothing of it

They will encourage you to get these things done because it means more money in their pocket! And what happens is the more you keep going to the dentist the more teeth you loose! Here is wisdom – Do not let a dude with a dumb dental degree put a power drill in your mouth!

Our teeth are valuable! They are not only for eating and for attractiveness but part of our bioelectrical make-up. Having metal in your mouth disrupts our energy flow.

Go to holistic doctors and dentists. Each one is different. So it is best to be your own physician and heal yourself!