Doctors and dentists are trained in a college curriculum that is run by Big Pharma and Big Ag and other nefarious industries. Colleges are paid handsomely to allow the ideas of these profit oriented businesses into the classroom. Professors are paid big bucs to allow their name on papers endorsing what is written by these corporate entities.
Big Pharma and Big Ag not only write the medical journals and agricultural publications their infiltration into the political arena is widespread. They are motivated by money. That is their focus.
Doctors, surgeons, cardiologists etc. are educated by a system which does not want people to be healthy. They rely on sickness to make money. If everyone was healthy these health care professionals would be broke.
People are motivated to get into these careers by visions of a life of luxury and a guarantee of success and respect.
One can get an impressive title and an assurance of a big bi-weekly paycheck by following the rules.
The rules are to prescribe synthetic chemicals which are often toxic to their unwitting patients.
And to endorse a diet consisting of animal flesh.
These remedies are the cause of health problems.
Doctors have become nothing more than drug pushers. Popping pills is not the answer.
They diagnose cancer when their sole motivation is money. One cancer patient can mean upwards to $50,000 for a doctor.
If they 300 people to get a vaccine they get a $30,000 bonus.
If they prescribe a certain pharmaceutical pill enough times they get a free vacation.
Cardiologists will try to get to get a person to assent to a needless heart surgery. One surgery means tons of money in their pocket.
Sometimes though it is a good thing such as when they remove the fat that was once in cows, pigs, chickens and fish which is clogging up arteries.
These health professionals have very little training in nutrition. A whole food plant based diet will many times solve the health issue.
When you go into a hospital cafeteria what do you see? You see processed foods. You see junk food. And you see animal flesh disguised as some dish. Obviously the focus is not on health.
Fifteen years ago I was struggling with heart aryithmia. I was prescribed beta blockers. They did help. But they did not cure. I got to the point where I knew I could not continue taking them. If anyone has had heart palpitations they will know that they will drive you crazy. I was desperate. I went vegan overnight. Soon afterwards I noticed an improvement. They gradually went away. I healed myself!
Nutritionists will promote eating animal products and genetically modified foods. These nutritionists are usually not in very good health themselves and a lot of times are overweight.
Do not trust anyone. Even though they are good at sounding empathetic and professional. They are just people out for a buc. Some do have a little sincerity.
Times are changing though. The head of the American Cardiology Association is a vegan.
Many doctors are becoming vegan and are speaking out on You Tube.
Nutritionists are becoming more plant based.
A mix of chemicals concocted in some laboratory should not be presented as a cure. Our bodies are not meant to be full of synthetic chemicals.
What should be emphasized is an alkaline diet consisting of 70% fruits and vegetables. This will prevent many viruses from living in your body. And it will also keep the ones that were put into your body via vaccinations from spreading.
Make sure you have a holistic dentist who doesn’t use fluoride.
There is a natural fluoride which our bodies need only trace amounts.
But the fluoride used in the dental industry is a component of phosphate rock. By adding sulfuric acid the fluoride is separated from the phosphate creating toxic fluoride compounds.
These fluoride combinations are an industrial waste product. Initially they were released into the air but that killed neighboring animals and vegetation. So now they have been repackaged as cavity fighters when all they do is promote tooth decay.
Toxic fluoride compounds are also sold to cities to dump in the water supply. It’s a well known fact that fluoride will encompass the pineal gland making a person complacent, obedient and unable to question authority.
The phosphate is further refined to produce phosphoric acid which is comparable to battery acid and is used in soft drinks.
Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth. Yet it is 50% of dental amalgam fillings.
It is also in vaccinations. Combining mercury with other chemicals does not make the mercury safe.
Root Canals are promised by dentists to be better than your natural teeth. They try to sterilize a roots’ canal by spraying formaldehyde in it which is highly poisonous. 
Without the tooth root supplying blood to the area, keeping out bacteria is impossible. An infestation will occur and bacteria will spread to other parts of the body causing infections and cancer.
Dentists drill out good healthy parts of your teeth to put fillings on.
They drill our neighboring teeth to put a bridge on.
They give you X-rays which are damaging to soft tissue.
And scrape off your precious enamel and think nothing of it.
Here is wisdom – Be very hesitant to let a dude with a dumb dental degree put a power drill in your mouth!
Teeth are valuable! They are not only for eating and attractiveness but part of our bioelectrical make-up. Having metal in your mouth disrupts energy flow.
The medical system can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.
Be your own physician and heal yourself!