The story of Nathan Bedford Forest is to lend credence to a false narrative. Forest is portrayed as a hero to a lost cause. He was tall, strong and handsome. He becomes a millionaire by trading livestock. He had no education but was a military genius. He leads a group of untrained men riding on horses through the hidden byways usually at night to outwit and defeat opposing forces of superior strength and number. He fought courageously to the very end. He killed over thirty men in hand to hand combat. He was always in the thick of the fight. Shouting orders while killing Yankees. Many times doing this on bridges. Where ever he went hundreds or thousands of Southerners would race out to greet him and join his cavalry. He had twenty nine horses that he rode shot out beneath him but he himself went unscathed except for being slightly wounded four times. In fact he never lost a battle until the very end when he was riding alone still trying to fight for his beloved cause. He helped widows of fallen soldiers but his compassionate heart turned cold when it came to slavery. He helped build railroads. And was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.
Sounds intriguing but it is all made-up.
Like Abraham Lincoln and most famous people, Forrest is portrayed as having coming from simple means. But he had slaves and he owned cotton fields and even traded in Livestock. That was the domain of the rich. Only the top 1% had slaves or owned vast cotton fields that brought in large sums of money.
John Wilkes Booth is also portrayed as a passionate rebel sympathizer. And an enemy of the Union although he lived in the North. One of 3 brothers who were all actors, Booth was from a very prominent Jewish family and was engaged to a Republican Senator’s daughter from New Hampshire who was an ally of Lincoln.
The story of him sneaking into Ford’s Theatre and assassinating President Lincoln is total nonsense. He gets into the President’s box by giving a note to the usher even though he’s packing a gun, a large knife which he holds up on stage and a big stick which he secures the door to the Presidents Box so no one can get in after he does.
The President’s one and only guard was a DC policeman named John Frederick Parker who had wandered off to a nearby tavern.
So Booth shoots Lincoln in the head with his .44 caliber Derringer, a gun that has a short barrel and is notorious for it’s bullets not penetrating far and inflicting minimum harm because of the bullet’s slow speed.
A sound of a gunshot in a theatre would have raised the alarm of everyone. Even if it was fired during a comedy scene which provoked laughter it would have been heard. But nobody is supposed to have heard it.
The President’s Box is located right above the stage in full view of everyone in the audience. Everyone would have looked up. Everyone would have noticed.
So after he shoots Lincoln and jams the door he fights with Major Henry Rathbone who was also in the Presidents box. Booth stabs Rathbone then jumps on stage and holds up his large knife scaring everyone.
The jump down was about 18 feet. Jumping down on the stage would not be a smart way to escape. And 18 feet is a long way. Who is going to risk injury when they are fleeing from a murder scene?
The stage has since been heightened to make the story more credible.
When he is holding up his knife on stage he then starts to make a speech quoting Brutus from Julius Caesar.
It wasn’t until here that Mary Todd Lincoln decides to shout ‘He has killed the President’.
You don’t act polite and wait for a murderer to finish his speech before you relay the information that the orator who jumped on stage has just killed the President. But that is what is supposed to have happened.
If this story was real he would have been tackled and apprehended immediately by people behind the stage and by members of the audience rushing the stage.
And people especially the ladies would have been screaming.
Booth finishes his doctrinal address then limps off stage.
200 Presidential guards rush in and kick everyone out.
Why would they rush in and kick everybody out if the murderer is outside escaping?
Later the personal guard who wandered off to drink gets reassigned as a White House security agent.
Does any of this make any sense at all?
To see how fake this all is one must see how fake the Civil War is. In fact one must see how fake the whole history of the United States is. We are taught that there was no one here except nomadic Native Indians who have been here thousands of years. That has been so ingrained in our consciousness that we have trouble thinking otherwise.
The truth is America was a part of the Tartarian Empire. A highly developed culture that has been purposely excluded from the history books. The grand architecture of Tartaria can be seen in the highly developed structural design of buildings with huge pillars and intricate stone work that have been turned into churches, schools, post offices, courthouses and private enterprises. Many of which have been purposely destroyed. Most canals, railroads, bridges, tunnels, towers, lighthouses and damns are also of Tartarian origin.
Cannons were of Tartarian origin and not originally weapons of war but have been portrayed as such to account for their presence.
The founding of America was the overthrow of the Tartarian rule. The Founding fathers were all from the same highest rank of British peerage. The Revolutionary War was a fraud. The leaders on both sides were related. And it is the same thing with the Civil War. It all should be suspect when the army that one is allegedly fighting against is lead by a cousin of the leader you are following. In other words when the same wealthy families are the generals on both sides of a conflict it indicates it is a manufactured event.
Names are constantly being changed to hide that fact. Robert E. Lee had ancestors by the name of Levi. They also use close relative names for first and middle names. The leader of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis was closely related to Thomas Jefferson. So is William Jefferson Clinton.
John Wilkes Booth was related to Mary Todd Lincoln as seen from their common ancestor Joseph Wilkes Todd.
That is why all American presidents are distant cousins of one another. The same families have controlled America since it’s inception.
There is also the issue of the fake photographs. The soldiers have all clean clothes and are clean shaven and are not dirty and worn out as you would expect. There is also the matter of the backgrounds being fake indicating that they are trying to hide something.
During the early 1800’s especially 1812 the Tartarian province in America was brutally and suddenly wiped out.
One of the biggest lies we are taught is that we have evolved from a low ape like origin into what we are today. The truth is the use of sophisticated and directed energy has been around as far back as can be seen. The pyramids were energy conductors of great skill and manufacture that cannot be replicated today.
When Europeans were allowed to immigrate into the what is now the United States, the cities of Tartaria were in ruin. This was especially true in the south so they manufactured a war to account for it.
Battles and conflicts did occur. But they were orchestrated behind the scenes. Northerners were forced into conscription. While the rural south was conditioned into patriotism and coerced to fight because of the invading armies.
Take the Battle of Shiloh for instance. The two sides did meet at the Tennessee river by the Shiloh Church. The Southerners were the victors the first day but were slaughtered the second day and had to retreat. It was all by design and planned out beforehand.
Many Civil War battles are total fiction.
And most of the Civil War is just made-up.
Like when General Wheeler leads 500 cavalry to jump off a bridge while riding their horses to avoid an oncoming Yankee division. The Yankees were so astonished they hesitated but still managed to pick off 40 or 50 Confederates as they popped above water still on their horses.
The few times there were actual engagements it was all pre planned.
The generals and leaders of the two opposing factions were all on the same team taking their orders from the same people.
Robert E. Lee is portrayed as a loving fatherly figure who would do anything for his troops. But it was all a sham. When the time came to start to bring the fake war to it’s end he took his devoted followers up to Gettysburg and had them march right into opposing fire decimating his troops.
Wars are not what people are lead to believe. They are to consolidate power, brainwash and control the masses and to curb the population.
When history has been so altered by the victors it causes one to judge today’s events in the light of what has been taught which leads one to form the wrong conclusions. All of America’s wars have been lies.
The upcoming World War 3 will be no different!