What is the best way to keep people off an island you have discovered?
By making them believe that it is impossible for it to exist.
When the Zionist banking system started seizing power it was still commonly believed that the earth was flat.
They came up with the brilliant idea to make people believe there is no habitable land in Antarctica or beyond by pushing a spinning globe model.
It started with Pythagoras in Greece who actually lived in the medieval times then as Europe succumbed to Jewish control Kepler, Copernicus and Galileo were installed to further their agenda.
Now any paid astronomer has to be in line with the accepted viewpoint of a spinning ball with the oceans and everything else held in place by the unseen, unfelt and unproved concept of gravity.
We are now continually asked to accept a universe we do not experience.
We do not experience spinning around in a circle.
We experience a motionless world.
We do not experience rotating around the sun.
We see the sun revolving above us.
We see the sun and the moon moving above us at approximately the same height and the same size.
But we are told the sun is 400 times bigger and 400 times farther away.
A sextant can give you a good idea of the height of the sun.
And by taking two distant measurements of the sun’s arc you will get an equilateral triangle showing you that the sun is very near.
Just looking at the suns rays filtering outward through the clouds at an angle tells you that the their origin is rather close.
We do not experience racing through space.
We do not experience spiraling around the edge of our galaxy on a spinning ball.
Only on a stationary world would the stars maintain the same distance apart appearing night after night in their unaltered positions relative to each other.
We are told the earth rotates at 1000 miles per hour.
But a spinning globe would affect everything we do.
We would have to make allowances for it in all our activities.
We are told the atmosphere rotates at the exact same speed as the rotating earth thus pushing everything in the air along with it.
But we notice the slightest breeze.
And we see the clouds drifting in from all directions.
We would be cognizant of a turbulent atmosphere racing 1000 miles per hour along with the spinning earth.
And the speed of the rotating atmosphere would have to increase as the altitude increases.
The idea of a rotating atmosphere goes against all common sense and observation.
So once again we are told to believe in something we do not experience.
If the earth is a globe pilots would have to continually fly downward to keep from flying straight off into space.
But there is no constant nose declination of an airplane in any type of flight pattern.
If the earth was spinning at 1000 miles per hour a commercial airplane flying with the spin at top speed at approximately 500 miles per hour would have their destination circle in from behind them.
An airplane flying against the spin would reach their destination a lot sooner.
But that does not happen.
An airplane moving approximately 60 miles per hour trying to land on a runway that is moving 1000 mile an hour on a spinning globe would experience difficultly beyond comprehension.
A helicopter descending after hovering for 12 hours would come down on the opposite side of the globe.
Flight patterns in the southern hemisphere make no sense if the earth was a globe.
There are no flights over Antarctica.
They have stop overs in the Northern hemisphere and then go back down to the Southern hemisphere.
But if the North Pole was our center and the world stretched out in all directions on a flat plane then destinations instantly form a straight line and make perfect sense.
The south pole does not exist.
The United Nations use a flat earth map as their logo.
Along with a spinning globe wreaking havoc on our existence, the magical force called gravity pressing down on the oceans to keep them in place would severely limit all mobility.
How can gravity keep water on a spinning ball yet not be able to prevent gas from rising?
It is the density of an object that determines if it will rise or fall.
When we look up into the night sky we observe Mercury and Venus which are supposedly the inner planets.
But this would be impossible on a rotating globe as the night sky would face away from the sun.
This fact alone disproves the spinning orbiting earth model.
Every 6 months day and night should exchange places because the earth is on the other side of the sun facing in the opposite direction.
Polaris the North Star should not be able to be seen in the southern hemisphere due to the bulge of the earth.
But it can be.
So they invented the earth tilt to try and compensate for this fact.
They say the closest star Proximus Centauri is 25 trillion miles away.
Our eyes do not have the capability of seeing objects that are only a few hundred miles away.
So the imaginary construct of light years was construed to make these distances acceptable.
Saying that star light is reaching us coming in at 12 million miles a minute.
What we experience is a stationary flat earth with the sun, moon, planets and stars circling around the celestial pole.
The stars are luminous translucent discs fixed in their positions.
The planets are just wandering stars on their own unique path.
We experience the sun and moon revolving opposite each other above us.
Their revolutions around the celestial pole alternately expand and contract creating the seasons.
They circle above drifting down below the Tropic of Capricorn causing the summer there.
For the northern summer their circle stays mostly above the Tropic of Cancer.
With the naked eye we can make out the features on the moon which proves it is near our earth plane.
With a Nikon Coolpix P900 zoom lens one can now easily see the planets are not terra firma worlds but are translucent discs.
And we can zoom in on the stars proving they are very close.
We can zoom in on the setting sun or a ship supposedly below the curvature of the earth and see that they are still above the horizon.
Our limited sight produces a convergence effect.
NASA images of a ball earth are clearly fake.
Size of the continents differ greatly in each image.
Cloud formations are exactly repeated in the same image.
They have even admitted the pictures to be computer graphic images.
If the ball earth was real why would they need to fake pictures?
NASA gets 20 billion dollars a year to lie and make cartoons.
The astronauts are all free masons who have a history of lying.
The Hubble Space telescope as well as all satellites are hoaxes.
Pictures from space should show these thousands of satellites orbiting the earth if they were real and if the earth was a ball.
All observatories are off limits to the public for obvious reasons.
A fish eye lens will produce a false curvature effect.
If we were living on a ball 25,000 miles in circumference at the equator then the earth would bend 8 inches per mile squared.
It would be 8 inches the first mile, 2 feet 8 inches the second mile and 6 feet 3 inches the third mile and so on.
But no allowances are ever made for this supposed curvature.
And no compensation on land or water has ever been needed.
Albert Einstein was introduced to make a spinning ball sound credible.
He put forth a litany of new terms.
Saying that time is a 4th spatial dimension and space is a continuum.
If he said that people are standing upside down on the bottom of a spinning globe then it must be true right?
And if he said in front of an astronomy class at Columbia University that the earth has been shot out from a primordial big bang and zooming through the universe at millions of miles per hour then it must be true right?
We have been so brainwashed that the truth appears as an absurdity.
We have been indoctrinated into a pseudo scientific religion and we are not even aware of it.
The imagination of a madman does not believe the evidence of his own senses nor does he trust his eyes in any way.
And yet that is what we are told to do.
Eric Dubay has written 200 proofs of why the earth is a flat plane.
If you try to explore Antarctica you will be either shot down or imprisoned and fined.
Antarctica surrounds us in a ring and the elite are the gatekeepers and the Lords of the Rings.
They want their own undisturbed private islands which are located beyond the icy borders of Antarctica.
Maybe they enjoying their own continents.
While most people live in apartments in crowded cities.

They have planted in our minds an invisible fence around Antarctica with signs saying: