The beginning of Easter goes way back to the beginning.
When the goddess hatched from the primordial egg.
Except Creation accounts are just in fact recreations.
Reorganizations of the celestial realm.
Easter celebrates the birth of the Virgin Goddess.
The Maiden Ishtar
The Glory of Heaven
The word Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre.
Whose rites were observed in Eosturmonath which corresponds to April.
The goddess’ name was used because Christianity would be more acceptable.
If the holiest holiday of the new religion had the people’s Pagan Goddess they would be more likely to consent.
The Anglo-Saxon Pagan Festival which honored the goddess was celebrated with colorful eggs.
Venus was born in the Cosmic Sea.
Which enveloped the Creator god Saturn.
The Creator god dispelled the darkness that had engulfed heaven with a bright sustained flash.
It was Brahma showing his energy and scattering the shades of darkness.
It was Pavamana whose brilliant light with radiant streams composed of swift gleams destroyed the black darkness.
It was the same as the Biblical Let There Be Light.
The Maya use the exact same phrase in their creation account.
Similar expressions of the shedding of light is used all over the world.
Once this blazing light began to ebb.
The goddess appeared for the first time.
In the waters inside the sea.
She became the daughter of the Father god.
The Father god was Latin Saturn or the Sumerian Enki or the Babylonian Ea.
Or the biblical god of Genesis El.
The egg was transformed into the celestial lotus flower.
The goddess Venus sprang from the lotus flower.
This lotus was described as being as bright as a thousand suns.
The ancient color of Venus was a resplendent sparkling bluish green.
The Apache knew Venus as the Blue Green Star.
At first appearance the radiance of Venus’ colorful incandescence was egg shaped.
Venus was situated in front of Saturn and was the Eye of Re.
The Polynesians knew Venus as the Great Eye.
Ishtar was the eye goddess and the Shining Torch of Heaven.
So was the Greek Astarte who was the Goddess of Agriculture.
The Old Testament Eve in the Garden of Eden.
And the Mighty Isis Goddess of the Green Crop.
Isis filled the sky with her pure blaze.
Which was her effervescent glow.
A radiant splendor of plasma.
Venus festivals celebrated the egg-shaped candescent outflow.
This effluence penetrated the chaos surrounding Saturn.
It looked like Venus’ effusion was being consumed.
Easter became the Jesus version of Venus celebrations.
Easter Mass is the Jesus version of the Venus festival.
Easter Mass became the weekly Sunday Mass
The Catholic Mass was a conversion of the ritual of eating Venus to eating Jesus.
Jesus now is eaten weekly.
Venus celebrations were ubiquitous.
They were in Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Africa and the Americas.
An image of the Venus Grain Goddess was baked in a bread or cake.
Then consumed by the devout.
This Solemn Sacrament of the Aztecs is called Teoqualo which means God is eaten.
Egyptian lore says that the first act of creation was the formation of an egg out of the primeval waters.
From the union of desire and darkness was born the Cosmogonic Egg.
East Indian tradition states the sacred seed of Manu was deposited and became a golden egg.
Another Indian account has the outflow of Prajapati forming a golden egg.
Arabic legend has it that the first star was presented in the form of an egg which contained all things to be born.
Tahitians say that a shell formed around their deity who revolved in the form of an egg.
The egg rotated on the circumstellar disk of Saturn.
The cosmic egg was formed by the spewing of light.
The egg was Venus’ light on the primeval chaos or orbiting circumstellar sea of the Creator God.
Venus the eight rayed star with terrifying splendor was positioned in front of Saturn.
Venus was a raging storm.
The effulgent vari-colored Queen of Heaven.
With an invincible garment
A multi-colored robe of light.
The effervescent light of Venus illuminated an egg shaped pattern on the chaos surrounding Saturn.
The egg formed into a lotus flower.
Which was then organized into rings.
The inner rings were Venus’ green garden, field or crops.
This was also the Paradise.
Where she was kicked out.