Installed alien artificial intelligence software systems
Explicitly rely on matter fields
In certain parameters of low frequencies

In order to maintain their invisibility
From the human visible light spectrum

And to control the carbon atom configuration

The carbon atom has
6 electrons 6 protons and 6 neutrons

This is the 666 cosmic battle
For the control of the infrastructure of carbon

The current events observed are deeply entwined
With uploads of AI frequency patterns

Electromagnetic signals are sent out for the purpose
Of altering brain chemistry
Inciting robotic behavior

And through mitochondrial collapse of the cells
Internal light consciousness is harvested by entities

Low frequencies will also activate dormant viruses
Injected by vaccines since childhood

GMO’s have encoded AI programming
Which reacts to frequency wave patterns
Putting people in fear and panic modes

The intention of deforming the human spiritual body
And the plummeting of consciousness
Into a range of lower emotions
Is not spreading as had been anticipated

We have the ability to elevate ourselves
Outside of mind control frequencies

Detoxification Vitamin C anti viral herbs and antioxidants
Will also improve our bodys defense mechanisms

The premeditated mass propaganda fake event
Of a mysterious random virus from unknown sources
That is devastating the earth
Is not taking hold as expected

The earths architecture and grid patterns are radically shifting
Altering the effects of reversal networks
Making manufactured crisis events
Much less effective!