What did our remote ancestors look like? Were they cavemen? How did all the different races come about? Who created the creator? Some answers are beyond us because the explanation resides outside of our plasma cell in which we reside.
Where do souls come from? Do souls skip around in different cells according to their vibration? Is our reality a projection? Is our existence a result of a thought process of an immensely greater Being? A Grand Architect channeling energy via brainwaves.
Do we create our own reality? Do we have a greater self outside this small enclosure which makes up our universe? Did we project our souls here? If so what were the reasons? Is it just to experience a new reality? Or is it to acquire traits which can only be gotten through personal first hand involvement?
Did we come here to make this world in a plasma cell a better place? Maybe the reason was to just help a certain number of other souls. Maybe there is more than one reason for our appearance here. Maybe each soul has their own reason.
Did we chose our parents and family beforehand? If so it had to be a mutual agreement with our mother. Surely our souls pre-existed. The wide variety of personal characteristics that reside between siblings of a common upbringing suggest this.
Most people will immediately jump to their religious convictions for answers. But religion is based on the stories of creation. And the subsequent happenings in the heavens.
Looking at creation accounts around the world and not just focusing on a particular one which most people do a common story appears. First there was the swirling waters amidst darkness. A wandering and barely visible god moving in a circumpolar fashion. Then after taking a stationary position on the celestial polar axis a spectacular flare-up of light transpired. Then a Spiral of Creation organized order out of the chaos. The Creator appeared inside an egg shaped container. The spiral became the Serpent of Creation or Ouroboros that surrounded the heavenly enclosure. The seven heavens appeared which became seven days or seven seas. An Underworld of darkness with what appeared to be fire developed and was referred to as Hell, Hades or Sheol. Offspring of the Creator/Father god emerged. Their activities are presented in a myriad of stories. Such as Adam and Eve. The gods lived in the north regions above a heavenly tree or mountain. As it says in Psalms: Is Mt. Zion on the sides of the North the city of the Great King.
Humans were already in existence for they described the creation events. How humans appeared is shrouded in mystery. Evidence of past highly advanced cultures abounds. Highly developed humans and humanoids co-existed with more primitive races. How did that come about?
Animals were abundant. Food was abundant. Humans and animals could communicate on a deeper level and we lived in harmony. Our diet originally consisted of fruit.
In the past the variations within animal species was numerous. How did variations of not only animals species but of humans come about? Was it by some powerful influx of electrical plasma which altered DNA? Slow evolution is impossible since a body part is not operational or functional until it is fully formed.
But how did life originate in the first place? How do souls come about? And how are they manifested in physical bodies? Was energy compressed or isolated from it’s surroundings and a resulting charge differential emerge producing consciousness? Are souls basically a separation of charge?
Because of separation of charge, awareness of autonomy increased and thus self actualization and the formation and appearance of souls.
An atomic cell or a charged particle protects itself from it’s environs of opposing or even opposite charge by putting up a barrier of strong charge.
All life exudes energy. This can be detected in auras. The color of which is dependent on the vibration. Our vibration is determined by our thoughts and then subsequently by our emotions.
Before manifestation there is visualization. So in essence we are co-creators but on a smaller scale and of our own smaller worlds. Thought are like things which send out electrical energy interacting with our environment. What is produced depends on not only our energy but the energy around us.
Maybe we are miniatures of a Universal Mind? Seeking our place in the cosmos. Trying to harmonize ourselves with the energy around us. And trying to harmonize the energy around us with ourselves.