We have a soul and a physical body. How did each come about? How humans appeared is somewhat shrouded in history and mystery. Animals were here before us as seen in the geologic record. But also it is quite apparent from much evidence that our human predecessors co-existed with dinosaurs. Since humans have many races and past hominoid relatives it is inescapable that the process of engineering the differences is arbitrary. DNA was altered quickly and intermittently by huge plasma influxes which changed the genetic make-up of existing species. Slow evolution is impossible since a body part is not operational or functional until it is fully formed.

But our souls were in a way actually created by God. In intergalactic electrical discharges energy was compressed which differed from the surrounding charge. And a consciousness was created because of that.  There was knowledge of separation. We were like a cell or a sun or a galaxy which surrounded itself with charged particles to protect itself from being swallowed by the whole.

Before manifestation occurs there is visualization. In other words thought produces a physical apparition. Life on Earth is the indirect product of “thoughts from God”. These thoughts manifest in charged particles traveling  and vibrating. (A Cosmic Surge). One could actually describe our creation in physical (plasma-electrical) terms if they could witness it all. And a “new creation” would be manifestation of mass energy from a different location.

So creation is correct and so is evolution. (Although we are not always evolving). But both of todays’ creationism and  scientific evolution theories are wrong. Creation in myth and religion is the restructuring of our solar system. And some past “hominoid” humans were more advanced than the present ones.