In the desert Southwest
Are the fossilized remains of gigantic mushrooms

They are called hoodoos
And are explained away as products of erosion over millions of years

Giant birds and enormous worms turned to stone can also be found
But their resemblance is discarded as a coincidence

Petrified wood is unmistakable
So it is admitted to be such
But is relegated to be millions of years old
And the aftermath of an event that scientists speculate about

The entire area was subjected to intense heat
Before it was a land now seen only in fairytales
Where tiny dwarfs and gnomes lived in close harmony in giant mushroom villages
That bordered great forests

Now there is only rugged conditions
With scoured out hillsides striped cliffs and rounded stone formations

Remains of advanced human settlement
Are explained as the vestiges of primitive tribes

Rupes nigra et altifsima
Means high dark stone
Or lofty molten lava mountain

It is a basalt column pulled up by plasma flow
That changes from black to a shiny metallic color

Polvs Arctiovs
Means arch at the pole

When the plasma beam at the pole retracts
The oxygen oxidizes the raised lava
And turns it black

At arc mode
The plasma beam is white
That is why Santa Claus is pictured with a white beard

In extra biblical literature
Noah is described as shiny white with very bright eyes

Saturn and Mars drift electrically to the pole
When it becomes extremely magnetized

As the beam shoots up in the air
It produces a loud siren

The plasma is the Spirit of God
Giving humans and all life forms extraordinary abilities

The white plasma becomes transparent
That is why it is called the Holy Ghost

The atmosphere depressurizes
And objects and people will float
Hence the rapture

The sound is akin to a blaring trumpet
Like a tea kettle blowing on a massive scale!