If the earth was orbiting the sun while racing through a theoretical galaxy
Then the position of the stars relative to an observer on earth would change

But since stars are fixed in their position and return to their same exact location year after year
Proves the earth is stationary

Stars revolve east to west around Polaris and above the stationary earth
The planets are wandering stars and have spiroscopic patterns
With both forward and retrograde motions

If the moon was responsible for the oceans tides
Then all lakes ponds and marshes should have tides

The north polar column or plasma vortex is referred to as a magnetic lodestone mountain
And is surrounded by a maelstrom of a massive whirlpool which reverses direction every 6 hours
Alternately pulling in and pushing out the earths waters
It breathes in twice a day and breathes out twice a day

Virgilmir is the worlds well which surrounds the polar mountain
It has four 6 hour daily cycles which causes the rising and falling of tides

Ships were pulled in with such fearful rapidity causing a frightful destruction
But sometimes were spit out in the same forceful manner they were drawn in

Adam of Brennan wrote
During a voyage they fell into a dark mist
And they found themselves in the current of the fluctuating ocean

The increased furious impetuosity of the water provoked despair and thoughts of death
And they implored the mercy of god to receive their souls

The sudden backward thrust of the sea allowed them to escape
While frantically rowing with all their might

Gerald of Wales wrote
Past the northern islands there is an astonishing whirlpool in the sea
Towards which there is a set current of waves
If a ship ventures to close to the vortex it will get swallowed up without chance of escape

The Historic Norweigia says
Alongside the deep chasm of the polar column in the earth are open caverns containing winds
Brought forth by the breathing of the magnetic mountain

These vaults of the abyss are almost always inaccessible because of gales
That bring water which surges down in them

If perchance one is able to see in them
They will observe smoky discharges of vapor and the exhaling conflagrations of sulphureous fumes

In 1595 Gerodus Mercator published his world map with the polar mountain and encircling whirlpool

This explains why there are strict flying and boating restrictions at the North Pole
And why explorers are turned away at gunpoint

The Salt Stroman whirlpool north of Norway
And the Naruto whirlpool off Japan
Also both rise or fall 4 times a day every 6 hours!