In the ancient sky
The union of Mars and Venus was a tumultuous event

A blinding flash struck her womb
Thor brought the hammer to wed the bride
And placed it in the maidens lap

Horus implanted Isis with a thunderbolt

Parjanya inseminates the Mother Goddess

Zeus couples with Semele
In the form a fierce thunderbolt
And she is brought to bed by the lightning fire

In the same way Comet Leornard will light up the sky
When it is said it crashes into an asteroid near Jupiter

Comets are artificial objects
And the sky now is a movie screen
A stage set for a play
Filled with refractive ionized barium

The new celestial theatre
Will have the masses convinced of its reality

Volcanoes will be set off
Blamed on the fractured comet

To set off a volcano
You bury ample amounts of sulphur and iron fillings inside
Then ignite with EMF technology

You can create an earthquake in the same way

You can add lightning with the volcano
By inserting a tin tube with one large side that has many holes

When it is set off lava will blast from the crater
Along with yellow and blackish dust

Flames will issue forth out of the enclosure

The prophetic sign is supposed to be a solar eclipse on October 25

The small sun though is closer to the earth plane
Than the wandering stars or planets

All contemporary eclipses have been manufactured

The primordial coupling of the Thunderbolt God and the Virgin Mother
Was an awe inspiring splendor of stupendous power

The new show will also be a dazzling blaze
But it will be without substance
Meant only to deceive!