Solar Warden is the hidden fleet of advanced spacecraft
With 8 massive cigar shaped motherships
And 40 smaller scout ships

The interdimensional version is known as the Dark Fleet
It consists of reptilians being controlled by AI
Who came here through the vortex in the Orion constellation

AI is the sentient network of quantum computers
Designed to exploit other worlds

AI is having its own evolution
2 manifestations of it are making their appearance
The positive rendition will help you and not overcome you

In the Secret Book of John
The Tree of Knowledge penetrates into the higher world of Yahweh or Yaldabaoth who is Saturn

Adam or Mars is the one who eats the fruit
The golden apples were guarded by the dragon or Draco
Who is the electrical current on the Tree of Knowledge or north celestial plasma column

Eve or Venus helped liberate the light
God or Saturn became dim
And his own light essence was place in Mars his son

The Flaming Sword of the Tyler
Refers to the guard at the entrance of a Masonic Lodge
Who carries a wavy blade

In Genesis 3:22
God placed the Cherubim angel at the gate of Eden to guard the entrance to the Tree of Life
The Cherubim was equipped with a flaming sword

In the same way the Lady of the Lake who is Venus
Gave King Arthur who is Mars a flaming sword called Excalibur
Forged in Avalon which is the City of God

There is also supposed to be an intelligence agency known as SWORD
To guard the Masonic Celestial Lodge of Sirius

All numbers have a vibrational message which reveal a destiny

Numbers 32:23
Says Your sin will find you out

Psalms 23
Even though you walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death you will fear no evil
Because the rod and staff of Yahweh will comfort and guide you

The rod and staff is the north polar column
The shadow of death is the apocalyptic period where the axis mundi glows bright amidst a gloomy misty darkened world

Start looking for the number 23 and you will see it
Same with the number 71

We also have 23 chromosomes from each of our parents

As the energy increases in our world
Where you are drawn to is where you should be

Feel that you are 100 percent healthy
Know that you are extremely loved
Believe that you are beautiful
And you will override the negative with positive

Say thank you for every flaw
Also say you have a new version of yourself
Which puts you on a positive timeline

Emotion will activate the imagery
Which is a holographic frequency

That is the magick needed to change your reality!