CERN can create massive subterranean undulating currents
This will be a cause of mega earthquakes in the near future
And will be used for the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy

Revelation 9 says the bottomless pit shall be unlocked

The bottomless pit was the Underworld or lower heavens of the former sky
It was the primeval matter of the observed chaos in the plasma cloud of Saturn
When the former sun god created his celestial dwelling

The great god lives fixed in the middle of the sky

But at first the wandering creator had no place to dwell
He then founded a pedestal raised above yonder places of the abyss
Which is the biblical Fountain of the Deep

The gods gathered upon the summit of the spiraling staircase
That joined heaven and earth
And which lead to a lost paradise

The gathering of the planets was the city of heaven
The temple or kingdom of Saturn
Was in the far reaches of the North

It was the Assembly of God in Isaiah 14:13

The luminous speech or Logos
Was the radiant primeval outpouring of the Creator

Biblical stories are cosmic events brought down to earth and elaborated upon

Noahs Ark was a crescent shaped light

The story of Noah is the same as Odin building a boat to escape a flood
Same as the righteous Deucalion and Pyrrha whom god tells to build a boat
And King Manu building an ark

Other examples are
The Chinese Fuhi and his 3 sons building an ark
The Toltecs pious holy man Tapi building a canoe for an upcoming flood
The Polynesian god Tiki riding in his canoe
And Hiawatha and his 3 daughters sailing in his great white canoe

Noahs ark was the same as Jasons Argonaut
The same as the ship of Odysseus
And also the ship of Helios who sailed on the Sea of Oceanus

In the Epic of Gilgamesh
Utnapishtim is warned of a coming flood and builds a boat
He puts his relatives and all the animals on it

According to Genesis Noahs Ark would be roughly the size of the Titanic
Far too much of a job for one man

We live in a make believe world
With a make believe history!