When a drug pusher wants to increase his customers
He will give away his drug for free
And get people hooked

Nicotine is more addictive than heroin
And has more withdrawal effects

Nicotine is put in the Corona vaccine
And will also be in the micro needle array patch

Acetylcholine is a neuro transmitter in the brain
That carries signals between synapses

But because of the vaccine
Will be blocked by glycoproteins at receptor sites

Severe twitching and seizures will be the result
Of the inflamed nervous system
And blocked binding sites

Nicotine will produce antibodies
That increase the flow of acetylcholine

It will be a fix

The new race of beings
Will be drug dependent
And will inoculate themselves
Over and over

2021 is the planned for year
Of an economic collapse

Politics just being a distraction

Maybe a war between Syria and Israel
Triggering WW3

And maybe a holographic projection
Of a UFO at the Golden Gate Bridge

You can almost feel the stillness
And deadly anticipation in the air!