On 11-8 2018 at precisely 8:01 AM
Beams of energy ignited fires around Paradise California

Aces and eights is the hand of death in Illuminati circles

The city of Paradise is in a canyon surrounded by mountains
The 12000 foot high Sierras are to the east

Transformers on telephone poles burst into flames

For 3 days someone at the Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Had been emailing residents of Paradise
Warning them of the upcoming fire

Winds from the east reached 205 miles per hour fanning flames of fire
The reason why they were not blocked by the Sierra Mountains
Is because they came in from above

The event horizon or hot spot was in the atmosphere
Not on the ground like a normal fire

This is because GWEN towers were being utilized
GWEN stands for Ground Wave Emergency Networks
And are used in conjunction with HAARP and the Russian ELATE
To manipulate the atmospheric jet streams

They are also used to send telepathic information to individuals with implants

4 GWEN towers were beaming high energy microwaves that conjoined east of Paradise
And moved a blast zone of over 100 square miles straight towards the town
At approximately 1 football field per second

The GWEN towers are located in Mendocino California Appleton Washington
Pueblo Colorado and Clark South Dakota

Aluminum oxide from frequent aerosol spraying
Created a favorable environment for massive conflagrations

As people started to flee in their cars
They were met with highly armed men in police uniforms
Shouting at them to pull over and not leave town

Directed Energy Weaponry burned houses to a crisp
Yet left trees in the yard unscathed

Straight lines were burnt in baseball fields leading to neighborhoods
Cars that tried to escape were melted
Boats in the marina were dissolved down to the water line

Guardrails along the roads were incinerated

All around the city were seen beams of energy

A C130 fire fighting plane arrived
But was hit by a beam and crashed

School buses full of children were pulverized

In Paradise and the surrounding area about 50,000 people perished!