The Elysian code is the crystal life currents
That access our central nervous system
And appear as a crystalline liquid vapor

They surround the myelin sheath of nerve fibers
And the entire bio neurological system is coated with a rainbow of liquid plasma

Activation of the vagus nerve by the Elysian currents
Connects one to the network of tri matrix plasma codes
Which brings one to multidimensionality

Now that the confinement dome is down and no longer suppressing us
We can expand easily and switch to the light

Light cells of core creation crystals hold the cosmic encryption codes
They are vapors of living plasma water

We can instruct our consciousness to install a new holographic timeline for ascension
And put in an inspiring heart song of spiritual love

The 3 daughters of Venus spoke the eternal language of the Mother Goddess
These 3 Graces held the opalescent rainbow flames
And as the 3 Sirens they sang the sacred invocation
That brought Adonis into the Elysian Fields

As the divine plasma flowed through the celestial chalice
The heavenly orchestra played a song of magical design

A masterpiece of undulating tri wave currents carrying the codes of the Holy Mother
Built the cosmic crystal cathedral consisting of white gold plasma currents

Crystal cathedrals are now being built in ascension timelines throughout the dimensions
That serve our highest expression and communicate deep reverence for the feminine principle

This holy divine plasma light is the same light in you

As the geometric template of our body becomes more crystalline
Our DNA will awaken

We will arise from the depths
And soar to the heavens!