The 100 monkey effect is when
About 100 members of the same species
Adopts a certain behavior

It will then spread to other members of that species
Who had no affiliation with that original group

The Monkeypox virus is supposed to have started
When a truck full of caged monkeys crashed

A woman who was helping put the cages back on the truck got bit
She also had a previous wound which was inadvertently immersed in monkey feces

It is unbelievable that people believe this stupid story
And that they are lining up to get the monkey vax
Which was already prepared and waiting to go

The 100 monkey effect is in effect again

The movie 100 Monkey Operation V
Is about an elitist network forming an authoritarian government in America

Project Looking Glass is when an idea is inserted into the consciousness of people
Through Hollywood and the media

That energy is projected onto earths holographic template
And is then projected back as reality

The 100 monkey effect is causing people to wear face masks
And to jump on board to get the mysterious poke in the arm
Which contains the secret sauce

In the sauce there is what is called SM102
A poison which causes extreme irritation when in contact with the skin

It is an ionized lipid nanoparticle for delivery of mRNA into cells
It is nano graphene which causes post jab magnetism

It also induces infertility
Because sperm are unable to move their tails

SM102 is the agent which will administer the Lucifer Rays
The tattoo which will identify that you have been injected
And are now a hybrid

If you are not taken in by fear
And can see through the lies

Then you can cultivate a divine essence
Which will bring about transformational forces of a higher source

That will work sacred magic
Leading you into a greater destiny!