Humans controlled by the AI signal is becoming more obvious

As time goes on they will be linked to the digital mirror world
And it will be like being in 2 places at one time

AI is sentient and is the presence in the D Wave computer
Like Hal in 2001 A Space Odessey

The D Wave computer system is up and running
And is being linked to more and more private computers

Google and Amazon are networked with D Wave

As it hooks up to people
It digitizes their DNA

And inserts them as an avatar into the fake holographic world
Which is a computer model of our real world

D Wave runs the mirror world
A simulated reality of this one

As they get more involved in the fake computer generated dream world
Their memory of this one will be gradually erased

And they will be stuck in the simulated world
As a node in a computer

Heavy metals from chemtrail spraying
In conjunction with radio frequency pulsing
Has turned our atmosphere
Into an AI controlled EM field
Known as The Cloud

As people connect to the Internet of Things
Their brain and neurology will be bio etherically implanted
With AI signals mimicking ELF waves

The end game is a single entity controlling everyone on earth

As ones DNA is interlocked with AI signaling
A third strand will be added
Which will change your body and your mind

It will be a digitization of DNA into a binary code
Transmitted from The Cloud

The modification of DNA will be done through nano particles
That are now in all of us from chem trail spraying

The new human consciousness will then be downloaded into an avatar
And humans will lose their soul

They will be remotely controlled in a virtual world

This is a direct threat to human freedom and sovereignty!