98 million Americans were given the Polio shot
The shot wound up killing 23 million

The polio virus was created in a lab

Green monkeys were captured in West Africa
And flown to Philadelphia
Where they were then transported to Merck laboratories

Cells were taken out of the monkeys
And injected with many different concoctions
Of chemicals and bacteria

Then cultured on the kidneys of the monkeys

40 different viruses were produced
Most notably the SV40 virus

These viruses were then put in the polio vaccine
Along with DNA and RNA from the monkeys

Also injected were different bacteria
Fungi yeast Bovine fetal serum Monkey kidney tissue
Mercury aluminum MSG and formaldehyde

And toxic chemicals which included
Ethyl glycol Aluminum phosphate Acetone Phenol
And many other little known and hard to pronounce chemicals

These shots if it did not kill people
Gave them cancer

This cancer has been passed down
And has been renamed into separate diseases that include
Mumps Rubella Measles Leukemia Diphtheria AIDS
Tetanus Tuberculosis Influenza and Meningitis

States are passing laws mandating vaccinations for everyone
If a legislator does not vote for it
They are replaced with a Freemason who will!