Most of our genes are in our chromosomes
Which are in the cell nucleus

Some cells are in small structures called mitochondria
Mitochondria are power plants because they prepare molecules
That produce energy for all our bodily functions

The mitochondrial gene always pass from the mother never from the father
These genes hold an active potential for igniting the crystal gene

Humans are missing a large part of their chromosomal material
At multiple layers of the DNA molecule

We should have 12 chromosomes per DNA strand
The original human 12 strand DNA silicate matrix had 144 chromosomes

Currently we have an average of 3 active DNA strands
And only 23 active chromosomes

Chromo means color
And when one ponders the color wave spectrum
That make up the dimensional reality layers
It gives a clue to the chromosomal distortions
That are impacting chromosomal functions

Artificial technology has eliminated sound color tones
From appearing and vibrating from our chromosomes

When DNA corruption is traceable
The alien agenda is exposed

AI machined layers are running metatronic coding
Designed to fully mutate the original human DNA

This alien tampering of the silicate matrix DNA
Can be healed by the transmission of corrected patterns
Of RNA and DNA templates
Which will remove the assortment of hydrocarbon alien bonds
That are locked onto our DNA template

To help activate the mind one must remove fears
And transcend the dysfunction of the negative ego mind

The negative ego is targeted and programmed
Through the use of frequencies which contain electromagnetic codes
Which bypass the conscious mind

The codes contain images or mental holograms
And are picked up by the cellular structure impacting consciousness

This is an attack on our personal sovereignty

When we transform we become aligned with our true inner selves
We gain the ability to empathize

Bringing a new level of awareness
Which leads to consciousness liberation
And the restoration of our original organic bio spiritual human DNA

As our DNA is activated and our higher senses are opened
We can become aware of a wide range of energetic phenomenon
And higher benevolent forces

It will be like beautiful music deep within our soul
These musical tones will allow us to live in harmony
With universal natural laws that value all life

We have the spiritual power to cocreate our own peaceful world and existence
And to live in the intended Edenic state!