Leviathan lived in the Tehom
Which is usually rendered as the abyss
But also means the deep or the waters

These waters were where the Rauch of Elohim or Spirit of God moved
Just prior to creation

The Spirit of God is the celestial outflow of plasma from Saturn
This is the Prana that ran down the Axis Mundi or Tree of Life

The Garden of Eden was the area around Venus
The habitation of Behemoth was in the proximity of Paradise

Behemoth stood for the whole cosmic ocean
Which at times had the appearance
Of one big serpentine like image

Leviathan is said to emerge from the Behemoth

The hologram of our human beliefs runs through this realm
And connects us to the Field of Energy

We are all agents of transformation
Genetically coded to multidimensional realities
And their limitless possibilities

As we embody a higher level of our unique individual essence
We shape the group psyche or collective soul

As we catalyze others energy awakenings
We interact more with the Unified Field

We then cocreate a higher manifestation that is without ego
Assessing the Law of Resonance
Using the language of the heart

The Law of Resonance is our connection to our superconscious
And creational forces

As you activate the laws of the heart
You activate your true soul blueprint

Which are encoded light packets that can be upgraded or re encrypted
As frequency accretion is impulsed

When you hold a high auric light accretion level
You activate your dormant DNA

As you allow the magic of the Divine Matrix to work for you
Your divine purpose will give you passion!