The micro needle array patch has been rolled out in Australia
It is popular because there is no big needle
And it does not require cold storage

They say it is being manufactured because it has been well received
But the truth is that there are billions already made
Awaiting the right time to bring them out

Even though all vaccines contain graphene
Which are nano particle tubes
That have an absorption band in 5G frequency

They can be magnetically activated
And will hook you up to the Beast System

This one will also leave a mark that is seen under infrared light
And so is the actual Mark of the Beast
Which will be mandated by the Antichrist

The graphene is the key to the cyborg future
It receives and transmits signals acting as a transmitter

It self assembles and will create the neuro link or neuro lace
Talked about by Elon Musk
Which is a made up name and he is not a real human

Graphene is a form of carbon so it is non toxic
Programmed pulses of electricity from 5G towers
Will activate a persons new neural net
Since graphene is electrically conductive

Brain patterns and pathways will be altered
And will hook humans up to an augmented reality
A virtual simulation with surveillance

The supercomputer will have your brain mapped out
And will know the relation between neural activity and behavior
It will make corrections when necessary

Black goo gel is the same as Google and is graphene oxide
The Biblical Prince of the Power of the Air is 5G

As signs increase that say no vaccine no entry
People will feel that they have no other options

They will self administer the micro needle array patch
When it comes in the mail

Just like in the fake Nuremburg Trials
When they said I was just doing my job

So will your friendly neighborhood mailman say
When he delivers the Mark of the Beast
I am just doing my job!