Lockheed Martin has developed a laser weaponry system
Along with directed energy technology

This application of particle beams or high powered microwaves
Has been harnessed by the Air Force
As part of their airborne laser program

High energy lasers are strapped to fast moving aircraft
And are also fitted on drones

They can target anything with pin point accuracy
With their trillion watt weaponry system

Military personnel are taught to obey without question
Starting from basic training when they are instructed to shoot animals
They become desensitized

This is how forest fires are being started
And how communities are being burned to the ground

Where some homes are cut in half
And trees right by incinerated homes are untouched

Where a straight narrow fire path
Is cut through a baseball field

Where 3000 pound cars get flipped
And bathtubs toilets and porcelain sinks get melted

Where a 10,000 square foot K Mart is burned to the ground leaving nothing
And Masonic Lodges remain untouched

Forest fires do not burn hot enough nor are selective enough to do these things

This is also how hurricane force winds suddenly appear
Which flame fires that are accelerated by 30 plus years
Of chemtrailing aluminum oxide and nano aluminum particles

Aluminum is a very conductive metal
Nano aluminum is now the most prevalent toxin inside humans

Fully developed trees will sometimes burn from the inside out
Because of the aluminum particles in them

Aluminum is a main ingredient in thermite
Which brought down the twin towers

Micro sized aerosol dust is sprayed in chem trails
And inhaled into the lungs
Where it bores into the tissue

But instead of looking up
We choose to live in denial!