The 88 constellations are the brightest stars
But they are just holographic projections

There are plasma frequency and sound weapons
Which liquify matter

The snow that fell in Texas
Was flammable

The Covid test
Is to test for nanoparticles
That is why they swab so far up ones nasal passageway

They want to see how many nano particles
Have crossed the blood brain barrier

If a certain area has people with less than the desired number
That area will be heavily sprayed

Recently the sky above the Washington Idaho border
Was filled with chemtrails

I counted 22 during one instance

Downtown Portland Oregon
Is all boarded up
As if they are expecting an event

What used to be such a vibrant modern city
Is now mostly deserted
Except for the mask wearing walking zombies
Who by doing so retain their carbon dioxide
Causing health problems

And the homeless
Whose numbers increase daily

Will Portland be another noble and spacious city
That has no people
And is there for the taking
As described in Deuteronomy 6:10

The reptilians are numbing their prey!