In season 3 episode 11 of the original Star Trek series
Called Day of the Dove

The Klingons and the Federation are incited into hostilities
After a 3 year period of peace

Anger and resentment escalate and harsh words are exchanged

Then it is found out that an entity is behind it all
A being that feeds off negative emotions

Captain Kirk and the Klingon Commander
Order everyone to make friends with opposing forces
And to use laughter to drive away the negative entity

In order to defeat it they had to be aware that it exists

As food factories are being blown up
And incendiary devices are being planted in American cities
To instigate World War 3

We have to control our life force energy
And not let negativity consume us

Scalar waves are carrier waves
They are being used as psychotronic warfare
To programming ideas into our minds

War is set to begin in October
Cataclysms in November
And in December a dark winter

Smallpox will be said to be from covert bioterrorists
Planting it in shopping malls

Closure of state borders and airports will ensue
Tension between federal and state governments
Will cause a splitting of the Union and civil war

The Vatican is a deep state institution
And gets word of things before they happen

Pope Francis ordered all Catholic funds and financial holdings
To go into the Vatican bank before September 30

Before 911 happened
Workers were seen and heard for months beforehand
Going in and out of the twin towers
Drilling and making a lot of noise

They were planting thermite incendiaries
No one except the insiders knew what they were doing

The enormous negative reaction fed energy to the scripted timeline

Center your state of being on positivity
Feel your good vibrations as they permeate the aether

Manifest a reality
That is pro human and pro life

Maximize your human potential
And shift the paradigm!