A plasma particle unites with another of the same frequency
And a 3rd particle is created

When we shift realities we are merging with other frequencies
And creating a new parallel particle

We are all from the same original particle
And consciousness is just pure thought vibration

When we are sad or mean to someone we drop our frequency
We then need to experience a new holographic expression

Before we come to the timeline of existence in this reality
We have an agreement of who our parents are
And who we are going to marry
We choose our life

The earth plane was hijacked by very advanced ETs
Who have also abused us genetically

Kings and queens and heads of state are direct bloodlines of these malevolent ETs
They are installed in order to use us for the ET agenda

But now is the time for liberation and ascension
Benevolent ETs are now involved to lift the earth plane to a 5D structure

We share their DNA and their higher consciousness is vibrating in this platform
When we do well they experience it too

Every cell and molecule in our body vibrates at a certain level of frequency
When you capture the original frequency you return it to full operating capacity

If your heart can sustain the charge
Advanced benevolent ETs will download frequencies into you
Which will rejuvenate and heal you

They will also affect your decision making by changing your timeline

Say thank you if a door gets shut and gather knowledge
Be relentless in your journey by taking action

The quantum field will mimic the energy you discharge into it
It processes your thoughts emotions and deeds like a computer

The goal is to hold a positive vibration for as long as you can
If you imagine yourself as successful it will be imprinted onto the field

When you realize it is a matter of how you are resonating yourself
Look what you can do

If you know the quantum protocol of manifestation
And you stay in the heart
You can manifest positive instantaneous projections

The protocol is to feel it then act upon it and be OK with the outcome
Have no expectations of how the quantum field will respond

It will appear in your hologram but you have to look for it
Sometimes it will emerge and reveal itself right in front of you

Just keep projecting and projecting
Feel the vibration

And you will build enough resonance to see the abundance

What you imagine will then become what you experience
In your holographic matrix!