What you see in the mirror it is not your physical self
It is your soul

That is why beings not from this realm such as vampires
Who do not have compassion and do not have a soul
Do not have a reflection

A mirror can also reveal your shadow self
Which is the dark side of your nature

The reason breaking a mirror is considered bad luck
Is because it can free angry trapped souls

A soul who has projected itself into another reality
Sees our world as a projection of that world

A mirror mimics the structure of a reality
Different versions of you exist in different realities

A mirror is a gateway to other worlds
When you leave the room does your reflected soul just disappear

Portals are areas with similar geometrical patterns
If your consciousness resonates with it
And you contain sequences that match
Then you can enter

You can become trapped in a lower realm if you cannot resonate a higher frequency to get you back

Mercury mirrors are used by secret societies
And were commonly used in the former age
To communicate with the other side

There is energy all around us
We give shape form and dimension to our vibrations

Our world is a reflection of the lack of compassion within us
Compassion is the ability to connect to others from the heart
The survival of humanity depends on compassion

The ego focuses on differences
Compassion focuses on similarities

Much of our physical reality is based in our mind
Our soul is based on our ability to connect with others

All consciousness creates energy patterns
Which produce sound and light waves
That vibrate into matter

All abundance comes from the heart
Be conscious of what you vibrate and what you wish for!