To get Back to the Future
Marty McFly had to go 88 miles per hour in the DeLorean
To utilize the flux capacitor which opened up the portal

Doc Brown suffered a trauma while hanging a clock
That gave him a vision of the flux capacitor

The DeLorean was fiberglass with stainless steel panels
That could radiate an electric plasma current which facilitated temporal displacement

A Tesla Coil also facilitates electrical plasma
Which vanishes before hitting the terminal points creating fire trails
Fire trails are shown in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall

If the DeLorean went too slow it would miss the opening of the automatic doors of the portal
And crash into the Twin Pines Mall
If it went too fast the doors would not quite be open

The creation of a portal is portrayed in the movie as lightning hitting the clock tower
When the axis mundi or north celestial pole has an increase of voltage it also becomes a portal

The winding electrical currents brighten and get removed from the main plasma
They circle around the axis forming what looks to be an 88

The spirals of 88 appear when the flux capacitor or axis mundi is programmed to activate
It becomes a portal and one can escape the universe
Thats why 88 is the number of infinity

88 is also the number of the Lions Gate
In the previous epoch Mars was seen as the Wondering Lion

The terminals points of the axis mundi or Stairway to Heaven was seen as the Gates of Heaven or Pearly Gates
When Mars was present it was called the Lions Gate or Gate of Light

That is why August 8 or 88 is seen as the day of the opening of the Lions Gate

The celestial terminal points in the former era were also pictured as horns
Marduk the Bull of Heaven was the Saturnian disk with horns

Natural stargates are energy lines that create a vortex
They consist of geometric patterns of codes and frequencies
When they resonate on a similar vibrational sequence as your consciousness
Then you may enter

Dr Seuss is Dr Zeus which is Mars
When Mars is attracted to the north pole it is because of increased magnetism form the influx of plasma
When Mars drifts down and descends toward the earth plane
It is a time when everything heals and grows and the world becomes magical

Mars the Son Of Saturn becomes the Savior of the World

It is also the time of Ragnarok
When the assembled planets in the north are seen as battling for territory

CERN is trying to create a portal to merge our universe with a negative artificial one
By ramping up the particle accelerator

Megalithic structures of old were built on the crossings of ley lines
Which produced a vortex from which the mega verse could be mentally and spiritually accessed

Spinning can also create a wormhole of your own specific geometric patterns of colors and frequencies

As the rainbow is divided by colors that radiate at different octaves
So our universe is a rainbow of vibrating realms
That connect to each other through portals!