It is a beautiful thing to realize your power

The Divine Source created souls to experience itself
We are all fractals of the same Source

We are physically living out our thoughts
By integrating sound frequency with the field structure

Trinity sound and light vibrational sequences combine into a plasma field
Where lower frequencies create matter
Protons merge and change with your energy which produces your hologram

Any thought you have already exists in the structure
The moment you think of something you create a new reality

Thoughts are frequency vibrations
Frequency has latitude and longitude

Every light body sends forth flickering spiraling waves
Each wave is a reality

Consciousness knows what to create to put you on your Dharma
Dharma is the path you incarnated here to be on

Obstacles are windows of opportunity and lessons to learn from
Surround the negative with positive and you will turn it into a positive

We are influenced to focus on the negative
Ultimately though it is our choice
We choose our own apocalypse by what we focus our energy on

The Field of Intelligence is all around us
Reiki is Japanese for universal life force

Jesus was a Reiki master who used the plasma life force to heal
He was an alchemist

Because the divine force is also inside us
What we think and ask for will come to us

We can access the 5th dimension by matching its frequencies

When we integrate all the aspects of our higher selves into the here and now
Our multidimensionality will take effect

That is how powerful we are!