We are being poisoned
By the people we vote for

We are purposely divided
And are lied to on a daily basis
So that the elite can maintain their power

All presidents are related to each other
And they are high level Freemasons bound to the oath of secrecy

Consciousness is moving to the next level
And the deceivers are not able to hold the frequency

Negative beings can only exist in the 3D platform
We are like batteries to them and they need our energy

So they are attempting to keep us from ascending by miring us in the fog of deception
And they are trying to hold down our vibration by making us sick

GMO plants such as cotton are inserted with the bacteria Bt toxin
Making them resistant to the chemical poison glyphosate
Which is the main ingredient in Round Up that is sprayed on crops

So now 95% of what we wear is toxic

Genetically modified organisms sprayed with Round Up containing glyphosate
Are now in all processed foods at the supermarket
And served at all restaurants and fast food places

Round Up is also sprayed on streets in parks and playgrounds
The reason given is because native plants and wild grasses are unsightly

Glyphosate stays in the gut killing healthy gut bacteria which makes up 70% of your immune system
It produces allergens disrupts hormone levels tears apart amino acids and does not allow proper nutrient absorption
GMOs have no nutritional value and it is very hard for the body to break them down
When they are the results are ammonia and formaldehyde which become harmful free radicals

When you eat animals or their secretions you take in huge amounts of GMOs
Because that is what they are fed

GMO foods are not labeled because they do not want you to know what you are eating
When you start suffering ill effects they tell you it is because you are gluten intolerant
When the real reason is you are being poisoned on purpose
The consumption of GMOs causes infertility in the 2nd or 3rd generation

The epicyte gene is also being put in processed foods
This causes male and female reproductive cells to be antagonistic towards each other

Birth pods controlled by AI have already been manufactured
The result will be AI human hybrids

Our DNA is being manipulated and altered
The human experience will be played out on many levels

How you make it is up to you
It will be what you create!