When you fall into greed and money you lose your connections
But when you move to a higher octave of thoughts
You activate your crystalline codes

We all have the Christ Consciousness and manifestation ability
But often they are held dormant in our DNA

We have magnetite crystals in our brain
We have calcite crystals in our pineal gland
They are there to hold the frequency of a higher brighter you

The water molecule is the major compound in our body
Water is an electric dipole

When you focus your bioelectrical energy
With the potency of the heart
You create a positive electromagnetic charge

The heart is an oscillating electrode
And a measurement of the soul

It is the conductor of our musical vibrations
When we are tuned to the proper frequency

The heart sends pulses of electrical currents throughout the body
And heightens the charge of our blood cells
Which will then reverberate throughout the organs glands and tissues

The wave pulses of the heart is about 60 times more powerful than the brain
As the brain becomes more attuned to the heart
The hippocampus region of the brain increases production of stem cells

The heart is supposed to have coherence with the brain
When we restrict ourselves in helping other humans and other life forms
The hippocampus is shut off

When thoughts fail to produce empathetic emotions
The heart mind connection is not consolidated

All bodily functions are affected and stimulated
By the electromagnetic frequency of the heart

Favorable rhythmic pathways enhance the communicative pathway to the entire cellular system
The activity of beneficial gut bacteria is elevated
The production of immunoglobin and other proteins are stimulated
The influence of the thalamus and hypothalamus are optimized

When we immerse ourselves in nature
Our bioelectric field connects to the electromagnetic field of the earth
Hormonal and neurochemical releases then take place
That positively stimulate our central nervous system

The heart is a receiver and conductor of electromagnetic energy
It is also a capacitor and stores energy as it interacts with other fields

When we shut off the heart brain linkage we exhibit low vibration
All interactions with humans animals insects trees and plants are an exchange of energy

Harmonic sound coupled with intent will raise the heart resonance
A limiting belief system and negative emotions
Will result in insufficient energy to the heart

We get raised in ways that cause us to ignore heart signals
Such as the eating of animals who can feel pain and who want to live as much as we do

But as harmonious heart energy increases the body is renewed
It moves toward your exterior as your magnetic field or aura

Your soul expands
And you attract positively charged energy!