With imagination you determine what you want your reality to be
Through deeds you make very strong sound waves
Which produce the frequencies that create your reality

Where ever your attention goes energy flows
Focus on the positive

Plug in your vision and charge it with emotions
Fast track your dream life by being excited

See the negative but do not vibrate with it
It does not have the code to exist in the new reality structure

The negative elite is trying everything to trap you
Because low vibrations feed their sequences of power
Which produce their matrix of low frequency timelines

That is why the social media is constantly negative
To put your brain in that waveform to sustain their reality

When you paint the proper mental picture with the right sequences
You will literally shift yourself to a more positive reality
But you will still carry vibrations from your previous one

Your reprint will affect everyone in your new reality
Just as the platforms projected by others influence you

Plant a positive structure in the consciousness of others
By resonating a pattern of a higher way of living

Your heart is the laser point needed to penetrate timelines
If you stay in the heart you will utilize the resonance you need
And you will match like a magnet the time frame of ascension

If you hold your power you will move forward
And you will give your soul what you need in the river of life
To manifest your god state in a fractal momentum!