Each dimension has their own consciousness laws
In the 3d hologram which we are in now nothing is fixed

A 4D hologram which we are in the process of transferring into
Will project all possible events
It will be a simultaneous holographic mirror

The dimension one enters will match their frequency

Frequency shifts are running deep through our cellular biology
Changing the cells instruction sets in the DNA
And altering the mitochondria which affect hormones

Therefore we are expressing different personality patterns

The interstellar plasma is producing in us higher source codes
Elevating us and amplifying our consciousness

Forcing us to clean up our thoughts and purify our body

Our lack of empathy is a result of DNA mutation

A person disconnected from their soul
Operates from a repository of distorted base instincts
Making them easy targets for Archonic control

DNA can be regenerated with an open heart and a benevolent consciousness

This will also spiritually unify the left and right cerebral hemispheres
Which are connected by the corpus collosum

This new signaling will embrace the male and female principles

It is the soul that will trigger the neuron switches
That will then pass information via the chemical synapses
Which release the neurotransmitters

That form a complex circuitry of a network of neurons

Toxins heavy metals and radiation will damage neurons

Headaches are frequently the result of chemicals
Eating away at your brain neurons

Neuroplasticity is the ability to strengthen neural signaling

What we focus on gives priority to where the neurons fire

We can only reprogram our brain by being open minded

Connect yourself to peaceful states of mind
Acknowledge the negative but focus on the positive

Love yourself by forgiving yourself
As you forgive yourself you can more easily forgive others

Cultivate self esteem by placing value on yourself
Remember you are a divine being connected to the Source
Walk and talk with confidence

Let go of negative emotions that do not serve you
Balance relaxation and exercise
Exercise produces endorphins which brings clarity
And a better state of mind

Accept only messages that support your highest good
And reinforces your Divine Blueprint!