Our bodies make protein when it is needed. Proteins are chains of amino acids.
In addition to protein, our bodies make 11 amino acids which are called non essential. The 9 more complex essential amino acids which we need are derived from plants.
When we eat protein it has to get broken down into amino acids which are compounds made up mostly of the elements: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen. These are then reassembled into molecules such as protein, fats and carbohydrates.
Plants, animals and humans have their own unique protein. Even members of the same species have different protein. It is determined by ones DNA. Our body cannot just take in and use foreign protein. It has to be broken down first.
Calorie for calorie plants have more protein than cows or any other animal. Animal protein is just recycled amino acids from plants.
Digesting the protein from plants is easy because they have plenty of live enzymes. According to a study at the University of Hawaii it takes 3 days to fully digest a hamburger while a fruit salad takes only 30 minutes to digest.
A hamburger is not only the muscles of the cow but also the blood, hair, urine, excrement and skin. The absorption of these body parts require the production of many more enzymes such as pepsin and trypsin causing the body to become acidic. When your body is acidic it is a breeding ground for viruses and harmful bacteria.
Eating meat not only supplies bad bacteria but creates an acidic environment for them to thrive.
The saturated fats and cholesterol in animal flesh will clog our arteries, restrict our blood flow and smother our organs.
The stored animal fat in our body will cause strokes and our number 1 killer heart disease.
It is the fat build-up in insulin producing beta cells that restricts the production of insulin which causes diabetes.
Eating dairy is also hard on the body. The protein in dairy is called casein. It has high amounts of sulfur so it is very acidic. Our bodies struggle to break down, absorb, and dispose of this unwanted and unneeded acidic protein and the result will be obesity, high blood pressure, premature aging as well as yeast and fungus infections.
Milk consists of about 75% of the sugar lactose. After we are weaned our bodies naturally quit producing lactase which is the enzyme needed to metabolize lactose. In order to try and absorb lactose our bodies have to leech calcium from our bones causing them to become weak resulting in fibromyalgia, arthritis and finally osteoporosis.
Magnesium and Vitamin C are also needed in the absorption process of dairy. This will negatively affect on our teeth, skin and hair.
Also due to our inability to break down and detoxify lactose, oxidative stress and inflammation will occur in the brain which may cause neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Huntingtons diseases.
The elevated levels of estrogen in dairy will cause early sexual maturation.
Drinking cows milk will lead to allergies, acne and skin rashes.
Dairy also comes with heightened levels of the hormone IGF-1 meant for the growth of baby cows. The amount in the human body will become way too high and the result will be abnormal detrimental cellular growth including the growth of cancer cells.
Then there is the synthetic growth hormones rBST (rBGH) which is a synthetic growth hormone from Monsanto. It causes diseases in cows and it is linked to tumors and cancers in humans.
Cows are injected with up to 52 different antibodies which wind up in the dairy products. These have many side effects and are also linked to multiple sclerosis and lupus.
The milk mustache is pus made up of somatic cells produced by the cow fighting off bacterial infections caused by milking machines.
Eggs are just as bad and are loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol. The USDA says that eggs cannot be called healthy or nutritionally helpful in anyway. Eggs are the menstruation period of hens. Why would you want to eat that?
Eggs and fish are touted because of their Omega 3 which is an essential fatty acid along with Omega 6. Animals do not make essential fatty acids just like they don’t make essential amino acids. Chickens are supplemented with flax seed which is high Omega 3. And fish get their Omega 3 from eating marine algae and plants.
If Omega 3 isn’t in the right ratio with Omega 6 it becomes toxic and is linked to cardiovascular disease.
Fish have mercury and pollutants and are also high in cholesterol and saturated fats.
When you grill meat you produce trans fats which are carcinogenic.
Any type of extreme heat will destroy nutrients and alter the cellular structure. Microwave ovens are another example.
And despite the extreme radiation and pasteurization processes, not all the bacteria are killed in the meat and dairy products and you still wind up putting in your body harmful bacteria and viruses which may include dangerous types of e-coli.
Your body reacts to animal protein as foreign invaders much the same way as it does to other foreign invaders such as microbes and parasites.
Animals get their nutrition from plants. Do not filter your nutrients, vitamins and minerals through animals.
Stay out of the protein aisle at the supermarket. More protein is not better. When we take in extra isolated, processed protein our body does not assimilate all of it. Many of the protein chains do not get broken down. These links become harmful free radicals which are capable of independent existence and will alter other molecules such as fats (lipids), protein and your DNA.
When protein is broken down the nitrogen is separated and exists in the form of ammonia which the body has to neutralize quickly. The liver has to turn it into urea and then send it to the kidneys for elimination in the urine. So the nitrogen becomes a disposal problem. Too much nitrogen will poison the kidneys and liver. Kidney failure has become common.
High amounts of protein will also lead to low blood pressure, abdominal pain and gastrointestinal distress.
A high protein diet will also cause branch chain amino acids to transport into your brain, limiting other transporters such as tryptophan causing a decrease in melatonin.
Protein powders, bars and drinks are way too concentrated and unnecessary and the excess protein becomes toxic to the body which compromises your immune system. Vitamin and mineral pills are also typically overloaded.
During the extraction process when the protein is isolated, it loses it’s quality because of heating, bleaching and deodorizing.
Whey protein is derived from the cheese making process. It’s protein is acidic which causes chronic inflammation, poisoning of the kidney and liver, and promotion of cancer cells.
Processed vegetable oils are also bad because they are full of fats and treated with chemicals and additives. Processed sugar is bad but processed oils are usually worse.
The increasing prevalence of ulcerative colitis, Crohns disease and colon cancer is the result of the decrease of beneficial bacteria and the increase of harmful bacteria in the intestines caused by the fatty acids from meat consumption. Soluble plant fiber and fruit have been shown to reverse this. Artificial chemicals in processed foods such as Polysorbate-80 and maltodextrin contribute to the impairing of the stomach lining which leads to the invasion of inflammatory bad bacteria.
We are herbivores. We do not have fangs or claws or any of the other adaptations some animals have.
Cultures throughout history have thrived on a mostly potatoes, corn or rice diet. These starchy vegetables are broken down by bacteria in the large intestine and are necessary for many bodily functions. They contain carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as healthy unsaturated fats. They are about 20 to 30 percent amylose which are chains of glucose molecules. Glucose is used by the brain for thinking, memory and learning.
Andrew Taylor of Australia ate only potatoes for a whole year and became healthier, stronger and got off his anti-depressants in the process.
Humans have always eaten mostly plants. The 5300 year old Ice Man found in the Otzal Alps located in Southern Austria and Northern Italy was a vegan.
Nikola Tesla the most brilliant man of our time was a vegan.
We have around 100 trillion cells in our body functioning in harmony. And it is estimated we have up to 2 million protein molecules. Everything has to be the right amount or there will be disharmony.
Plants have plenty of easily digestible protein and are on the average about 3% protein. Legumes, beans and lentils have between 10 and 25% protein. Hemp has about 30%.
Plants are amino acid factories. They get carbon and oxygen from the air combining them with hydrogen from water and nitrogen from the soil. With the energy from the sun and facilitated by their enzymes amino acids are produced.
Amino acids are turned into proteins by the ribosomes in the cells.
They can also get oxygen and carbon from carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.
Plants combine these elements into glucose which is their food and is a basic sugar. Glucose is converted into energy or stored as starch. Starch is a complex sugar and is for future energy needs.
You don’t need a specialized source of protein. Do not worry about the percent of protein per calories. Do not stress about it. Your body knows when it needs more and will make it from amino acids.
Protein is not scarce. Certain people want you to believe it is. Protein is easily obtainable in all plants from their amino acids.
Every plant has protein. Every living thing has protein.
A person cannot use someone else’s protein unless it is broken down and reassembled. The protein from animals is just recycled amino acids from plants.
Our bodies use the same amino acids over and over.
A human mother’s milk is 5 to 8 percent protein per 100 calories. Protein is for growth and babies need more of it because they are growing. So that should tell you how much protein we really need. It is a lot less than what we are told.
Our diet should be whole foods. A good plan to base your diet around is one quarter vegetables, one quarter fruits, one quarter potatoes and legumes (beans, peas and lentils) and one quarter grains (pasta, corn, oats and rice). Along with nuts, seeds and spices.
There are now vegan versions of everything.
Do not reduce a beautiful animal to a unhealthy sandwich.


Protein is abundant!
We don’t need extra!
And animal protein is bad!