Our personal freedoms are being stolen
Under the guise of a pandemic

A range of lower electromagnetic frequencies
In personal technological devices
Attempt to direct people away from their higher frequencies
Of truth and sincerity

A frequency fence called Skynet is being rolled out
To prevent consciousness ascension

The sun simulator is an attempt to interfere with our links
To the Solar Logos and our higher DNA

Holographic inserts and consciousness sweeps
By AI quantum computers
Are being used to scramble human brain wave patterns

Brain mapping through the use of scanning
Is used to build artificial neural networks and manipulate timelines

Data collection of emotional reactions and perceptual abilities through surveillance
Is being used to develop a narrative for a distorted inverted reality or illusion
For the purpose of a consciousness trap

The military extraterrestrial industrial complex
Uses computer algorithms to steal and redirect online traffic
To acceptable websites and controlled You Tube sites

The seeds for WW3 have been planted and watered
And is awaiting a manufactured false flag event

Manufactured natural disasters will soon sow the seeds of chaos
And produce survival mentality
Bringing on primitive values and barbarism
By demoralized people bombarded with negativity

Alien forces want complete access to our realm
But do not have our Diamond Sun DNA
Therefore are obsessed with harvesting and studying our DNA
In hidden genetic experiments and breeding programs

The Wormwood Prophecy of Revelations 8:11
About a star or steroid impacting the Earth
Poisoning a third of the water
While setting off volcanoes landslides and tsunamis
Is being preached in the pulpits

Wormwood was actually an artificial device used to create wormholes
But exploded and is now in the asteroid belt

The workplace is filled with psychopaths whose sole purpose
Is personal gain at virtually any cost to others

The media church academia government
Are filled with imposters
Who represent themselves to be someone they are not

But control of our world is being relinquished
By the birthing of the crystal rose heart
And the gold ray template

Rewiring consciousness and healing fragmented souls
Restoring the old order
And the uniform principle
That exists outside our realm
In the Universal Source Code!